Different Types of Houses

different types of houses

With different types of houses available out there, selecting a type that suits your meets and preferences can be overwhelming. But narrowing the list down can give a huge help. Despite the long list of choices, only few types are popular. Take a closer look at these Iki Sae version of widely-used different types of … Read more

Modern Farmhouse Decor

modern farmhouse decor

Modern farmhouse is an incredibly popular architectural style in recent years. Characterized by neutral hues and clean lines, modern farmhouse decor has its own charm and aesthetic. Do you plan to add this style to your living space? Iki Sae team already do a mini research to write this modern farmhouse decor ideas. Get to … Read more

House Cleaning Checklist

house cleaning checklist

This is house cleaning checklist by Iki Sae version. House cleaning can be a daunting and endless duty. While there is no way to get rid of these chores, designing an efficient house cleaning checklist can be an option. The checklist promotes a quick and thorough cleaning so you know what to do on which … Read more