Architectural Types of Houses

There is a long list of architectural types of houses to choose from. While you may opt for modern style, others may prefer contemporary or even colonial.

If you plan to remodel, build, or buy a new house, it becomes essential to get to know more about the architectural types of houses. Take a look at different types of house styles below from Iki Sae version and make your choice.

types of residential architecture

Architectural Types of Houses

Each type of architecture has a different history. While enjoying the artistic architecture, you can also learn about the history behind it.

1. Cape Cod

Cape Cod is surely not part of types of modern houses. One story house with shingle interior or wooden clapboards is characteristic of this architectural home style.

According to the history, Cape Cod was created following the England colonists arrived in New England. They modified an English House to overcome stormy weather occurred in the country.

2. Colonial : European Architectural Types of Houses

European style influence the colonial houses. It was created back in 1600 and European immigrants brought this inspiration to other regions.

There are several types of colonial houses stemming from Dutch Colonial, British Colonial, French Colonial, and Federal Colonial.

This architectural style is commonly constructed with side-gable roofs, chimney, and symmetrical design.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary is a popular architectural home style in the late 60s and early 70s. It is commonly designed with large glass windows and geometrical shape.

Most contemporary houses borrow a natural look by incorporating stones or wood. Details are not necessarily needed in these architectural types of houses.

Another common feature found in contemporary houses is large doorways and simple landscaping.

4. Craftsman

Known as an American architecture, this type of house came to existence back in the 19th century. Craftsman is refer to as American Arts and Crafts movement, it rooted from the art movement.

As one of types of residential houses, it embraces handicrafts and simplicity. It also utilizes natural materials aside from stone details and deep gable roof.

Additionally, most craftsman houses feature overhanging beams and shingled siding.

5. Country

Unlike types of colonial houses, country houses are fascinating with its clean lines and symmetrical design. This architecture is as manor houses and influences by European Style.

Based on the history, the landowner only owned the house while the surrounding land was owned by the feudal estate. The country house is commonly reside by the lord of the manor.

In recent days, these architectural types of houses have smaller sites than its origin.

6. Farmhouse : Unique Architectural Types of Houses

A farmhouse is a structure typically built in rural areas. This type of house was commonly influenced with a house barn and some of them are connected with a barn.

As a unique architectural types of houses, we have several ideas you can find here Modern Farmhouse Decor.

Farmhouses have a strong sense of traditional style. Then, many old farmhouses come with a porch that stretches on the front of the house.

Another typical characteristic of farmhouses is steep gable roof. In the farmhouses can be find Horizontal shutters and siding.

7. French Country

French country is one of the most popular types of residential houses. It adopts valuable French architecture with distinctive features that are not present in other styles.

Historically, French country architecture has an Old-World style created in the 17th century. These houses usually come with asymmetrical exteriors complemented with ornate elements.

French country homes are also more subtle and subdued than French architecture with luxurious interior.

8. Tudor

Tudor is among architectural types of houses originating in England. This multi-gabled roofs can be use as these houses for their steep.

Tudor houses has characteristic as decorative half-timber frames. Mostly built in early and mid of the 20th century, Tudor homes were popular in established neighborhoods.

Today, brick with ornate half timbers can be use to build types of modern houses that adopt Tudor architectural styles.