Kids Room Decor

kids room decor

A kid’s bedroom is not only a place to rest but also a territory to play and express themselves. Choosing the right kids room decor that fits their personality traits make yourself a good parent. Fortunately, there are countless options when it comes to kid’s bedroom ideas. But if you don’t have enough time to … Read more

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

small bedroom look bigger

Upgrading a small bedroom can be a real challenge. It becomes crucial to know how to make a small bedroom look bigger so new decoration won’t make the space feel cramped. While it is not possible to expand the bedroom, there is a set of tips and tricks to fool the eyes. This tricks is … Read more

Bedroom Wall Decor

bedroom wall decor

Sprucing up the bedroom doesn’t have to be bone breaking and costly. Simply add new bedroom wall decor and it will give a new feel to your personal space. So many bedroom wall decor ideas are available to choose from. Whether you are working on a tight-budget or looking for a time-efficient project, take a … Read more

Teenage Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

teenage bedroom cleaning checklist

Having your teenagers clean their bedroom can be a real struggle. While most teens don’t know what they are supposed to do, teenage bedroom cleaning checklist offers a huge help. The checklist typically contains some chores, from making the bed to vacuuming rug. You can also customize the activities based on the condition of teen’s … Read more

Flower Decoration at Home

flower decoration at home

Flowers are a great way to embellish your home. With plenty of plant choices, flower decoration at home offers not only a visual attraction but also alluring scent. When it comes to flower decor inspiration, a plethora of ideas are available. Take a look at creative flower decoration at home ideas below by Iki Sae … Read more

Architectural Types of Houses

architectural types of houses

There is a long list of architectural types of houses to choose from. While you may opt for modern style, others may prefer contemporary or even colonial. If you plan to remodel, build, or buy a new house, it becomes essential to get to know more about the architectural types of houses. Take a look … Read more

Different Types of Houses

different types of houses

With different types of houses available out there, selecting a type that suits your meets and preferences can be overwhelming. But narrowing the list down can give a huge help. Despite the long list of choices, only few types are popular. Take a closer look at these Iki Sae version of widely-used different types of … Read more

Modern Farmhouse Decor

modern farmhouse decor

Modern farmhouse is an incredibly popular architectural style in recent years. Characterized by neutral hues and clean lines, modern farmhouse decor has its own charm and aesthetic. Do you plan to add this style to your living space? Iki Sae team already do a mini research to write this modern farmhouse decor ideas. Get to … Read more

House Cleaning Checklist

house cleaning checklist

This is house cleaning checklist by Iki Sae version. House cleaning can be a daunting and endless duty. While there is no way to get rid of these chores, designing an efficient house cleaning checklist can be an option. The checklist promotes a quick and thorough cleaning so you know what to do on which … Read more