Bedroom Wall Decor

Sprucing up the bedroom doesn’t have to be bone breaking and costly. Simply add new bedroom wall decor and it will give a new feel to your personal space.

So many bedroom wall decor ideas are available to choose from. Whether you are working on a tight-budget or looking for a time-efficient project, take a look at the inspiration below by Iki Sae version.

wall painting design for bedroom

Bedroom Wall Decor

While wall stickers offer an instant decoration to your bedroom, playing with paint gives lots of fun. Here are creative wall décor ideas to redefine the bedroom.

1. Wall Painting for Artsy Décor

Wall painting adds a touch of art to the bedroom. If you want to incorporate decorative nuance but don’t have enough time, simply choose a wall painting that suits you and create bedroom wall accents.

Opt for a cheap painting from a flea market or visit a gallery and get your favorite artwork. Without the need for adding extra decoration, painting alone works well to redefine the bedroom.

2. Wall Upholstery for Extra Coziness

Add some coziness to the bedroom with wall upholstery. It may look a bit quirky but when you choose the right upholstery, it creates unique bedroom wall accents.

With so many ideas of wall upholstery, you can pick one that suits your needs. For instance, velvet walls evokes warm and cozy nuance while leather upholstery adds value to the room.

3. Add Texture with Wooden Panels

If wall stickers for bedroom are too ordinary, wooden panels bring additional texture. It works best for any space that adopt farmhouse, country, or rustic style.

You can finish the wooden panel or paint with your favorite color. Not only does it add texture, this bedroom wall decor idea also creates warmth.

4. Mural : Creative Bedroom Wall Decor

Do you have excellent painting skills? Rather than leaving the walls plain, how about creating a mural? Find a wall painting design for bedroom and see how you can spruce up the space.

This project may take extra time and effort. But if you wish to have an authentic wall decor, this is a perfect way to go. Get some inspiration before starting the creative project.

5. Wall Mount Showcases

If your painting skills are lacking, finding a wall painting design for bedroom is not a good idea. But don’t worry, you can invest on showcases to embellish the wall.

Wall mount showcases keep your collectibles and accessories organized while giving a decorative touch to the room. Consider the right size of showcases so it doesn’t make the room look cramped.

6. Mirror : Bedroom Wall Decor Accessorries

When you already have a wallpaper but still need embellishment, decorative mirror is a perfect bedroom wall decor. Hanging a mirror sounds simple but creates a major change in the given space.

Whether you are adopting classic or modern style, you can always find the right mirror to adorn the walls. Find a spot for the mirror so it can serve as a focal point.

7. Get Vintage Posters

Vintage posters work well to create a bold accent in your bedroom. Since it is characterized by stark colors, it suits best for neutral color.

Use the posters as an alternative to a headboard or find a special place to make it a center of attention. If you have a master bedroom, oversized poster presents a better decoration.

8. Simple with Wall Stickers

Wall stickers for bedroom is the simplest decor idea for any room. A plethora of designs are available on the market, allowing you to choose one that fits the room.

The best thing about wall stickers is that it is quite affordable. If you are on a tight budget but need to add a decorative touch to the personal space, this bedroom wall decor will do.