Best Free Temporary Mobile Number for OTP

Virtual phone numbers have been around for a while. Used for both personal and business purposes, temporary mobile number for OTP improve your way to communicate.

These virtual phone numbers can be obtained without the hustle of purchasing an extra SIM card. Without the need for another phone, feel free to use your second phone number for business, travel, and more.

Temporary Mobile Number for OTP

There are so many service providers that offer temporary mobile number. If you can’t decide just yet, take a look at top providers below and make your best decision.

1 Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM is a provider of second phone number featured in over 80 countries. It provides you with a fake mobile number for OTP, allowing you to protect your real number from internet exposure.

Each number supports mobile data both locally and regionally. What’s great is that you can choose the right package that meets your preference.

Placing local and international calls at the lowest price is possible with Numero eSIM. It also helps enhance your communication experience with voicemail and call forwarding features.

2 Freeje

Get your fake mobile number for OTP with Freeje. This virtual SIM card provider comes with a boast of international calls at local rates in more than 100 countries.

Using internet connection you can use temporary mobile number for OTP as well as phone calls. Two service options are available to choose from, either you have a regular SIM card or not.

Whether you are planning to expand your business in a new country or need to enjoy international calls without overpaying then Freeje has got you covered.

Upon joining, choose landline or mobile number of preferred country. In order to receive calls at local rates, you will need to get the status of local subscribers.

3 VirtualSIM

VirtualSIM can be a great option if you are looking into fake Indian number for OTP verification. Featured in over 38 countries worldwide, it is possible for handling free calls and free messages.

For your convenience, VirtualSIM comes packed with privacy settings. You can easily show or hide caller ID and change status like available, not available, and busy.

What’s great about this provider of fake Indian number for OTP verification is that you can share files with people you love. Feel free to share your video, photo, and more.

VirtualSIM enables you to get new numbers without the need for a new device or SIM card. The best of all, it supports credit transfer between each user.

4 TextNow

Textnow is a reliable provider that gives you temporary mobile number for OTP. It supports personal and business use, allowing everyone to enjoy a better communication experience.

This service provider supports unlimited texting and calling to Canada and US without charge. If you need to receive SMS online OTP or make a call without charge then TextNow is surely for you.

Before getting a second phone number, you will have to download the app. Choose the area code and you are ready for business.

5 Burner

Protect your privacy and get Burner to receive SMS online OTP. Burner is a versatile second phone number for various purposes including texting, calling, and picture messaging.

Get your Burner number and stay anonymous. This provider helps reroute calls to your temporary number and send them to your real number.

And if you are seeking for temporary mobile number for OTP, Burner has got you covered. It works with the same premises as phone calling so your real phone number remains safe.

Millions of users in the US and Canada have trusted their virtual phone number with Burner. Once you are done, you can either keep it or burn it whenever you want.