Deck Ideas for Above Ground Pools

Having a private pool at home is a privilege. If you can’t have an in-ground pool and are considering getting above ground pool, you need some excellent deck ideas for above ground pools to complete your upcoming pool. Above ground pool is less expensive, and can be disassembled easily and easy to install.

In around the 1960s, the above ground pool became deeper and larger and had similar equipment to the in-ground pool. Since then, the above ground pool has had some changes in the features and appearances. Some of them come with LED lighting. Some others have decking and circulation systems. Here some deck ideas for above ground pools from Iki Sae.

Above ground pool deck ideas on a budget

Deck Ideas For Above Ground Pools

Today, there are many ways to beautify your above ground pool. Below are some inspirations you can consider to make your above the ground pool looks much more inviting.

1. Round Above The Ground Pool With Modern Touch

If you have a modern interior, you’ll want modern touch in your backyard as well. A round shaped above the ground pool can be completed with stairs, safety gates, fencing, and decking. Consider framing your beautiful above the ground swimming pool with tiles that have modern design.

When choosing tiles for the above ground pool deck ideas on a budget make sure that everyone can step on the tiles safely. Even the kids must be able to walk on the deck without getting slip and fall to the pool.

2. Wooden Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget

When looking for a wooden deck for the above ground pool, you need to make sure that it is very comfortable on the feet of the swimmers. The deck must also have an anti-slip surface since the swimmers who exit and enter the pool will wet the deck and may cause accidents.

The main consideration in choosing the above ground pool ideas is the surface around the pool. Always choose decking or materials with anti-slip features.

3. Above Ground Pool Ideas With Raised Deck

Raised deck around your above ground pool will be more amazing with fencing. Fencing and gate will create safety around your raised deck. Besides, the presence of a gate and fence will also enhance the beauty of your above ground pool and its raised deck.

During the swimming season, your beautiful above the ground pool will be more adorable with fun floats, container plants, and string lights. Everyone is going to enjoy spending time on your raised deck.

4. Multi Level Pool Deck Ideas

Flagstone patio around your above the ground pool is not a brilliant idea. It is durable and beautiful, but barefoot stepping on the flagstone pavers is not comfortable at all. The best solution will be adding the multi level deck around the pool, for the transition from the flagstones to your swimming pool.

Besides, the extra multi level pool deck ideas for above ground pools will make your pool look like an in-ground swimming pool. Wooden deck will be more comfortable to step on and is also more anti-slip compared to the flagstone pavers.

5. Deck Ideas for Above Ground Pools With Retractable Cover

Complete the above ground pool and its decking with a pool cover. This pool cover is going to ease you in maintaining the swimming pool. Pool cover will also protect your pool from algae growth, mildew, and dirt. Evaporation and heat loss can be prevented by using the pool cover.

There are semiautomatic and automatic styles of retractable covered deck ideas for above ground pools. You can operate both styles using the remote control. The water resistant materials like nylon, mesh, corrugated fiberglass, foam, or plastic will give excellent protection to your wonderful pool.