Different Types of Houses

With different types of houses available out there, selecting a type that suits your meets and preferences can be overwhelming. But narrowing the list down can give a huge help.

Despite the long list of choices, only few types are popular. Take a closer look at these Iki Sae version of widely-used different types of houses and find one that will blow your mind.

types of houses with names

Different Types of Houses

Each type of house has distinguishing features like architectural style, ownership, structure type, and more. Here are types of houses with names you should know.

1. Detached House

Also referred to as a single family home, a detached house is completely separated from other houses. As it is often found in suburbs, most detached houses are constructed on a large site.

Single family detached houses are characterized by their large sizes. They also come in a variety of styles depending on homeowner’s preferences.

2. Condominium

Different kinds of houses come with different name. Now there is a condominium, a home or a unit in a building on a tract of land. Unlike apartment, condominium is purchased rather than rented.

There are two types of condo: duplex and triplex. While duplex condo comes as a two-story unit, triplex has three stories. Condominium is often found in downtown or urban area.

3. Apartment : Popular Types of Houses at Town

Apartment is among different types of houses often found in the city. Unlike condominium, this type of house consists of a group of units owned by one entity.

As rental units, apartments are commonly not purchased. The single owner typically hires staff on-duty who handles things in apartment complexes.

4. Townhome

This is one of types of houses with names characterized by side wall sharing. Often referred to as row houses, these homes usually have 2 or 3 stories.

Unlike condos, a townhome owner is responsible for maintenance of interior and exterior. It is much like a single family home except for being attached one another.

Townhomes provide you with a nice blend of suburban and city living. It lets you enjoy a privacy of suburban houses while still having easy access to commercial buildings.

5. Rancher

Among different styles of home, there is rancher or ranch-style home. It is a single-story home with a large, rectangular site that looks like Spanish hacienda.

A ranch-style home is more popular in suburbs than in urban area. This type of house typically has large open space, creating a visually larger effect from the outside.

6. Co-op

In terms of appearance, co-op is similar to condo and apartment. But in terms of legal arrangement, co-cop is among different types of houses in that the members don’t own a unit.

Instead, the co-op members possess only a certain percentage of the unit. These members are like the shareholders of the property.

When it comes to purchase price, a co-op is cheaper than condo and different kinds of houses. However, the fees that cover insurance, building’s mortgage, and maintenance can be higher.

7. Cottage : Popular Types of Houses at Travel

Cottage is a type of house often associated with small vacation home. It is characterized by a single room, raised thatched roof, and thick walls.

There are different styles of homes when it comes to cottage, including English cottage, vacation cottage, and Rhode Island cottage.

Despite the simplicity of traditional cottage, wealthy people often refer to their luxurious vacation properties as the cottage.

8. Bungalow

Bungalow is one of different types of houses commonly used for recreational purpose. It is another version of cottage house with a single-story and smaller footprint.

As the popularity of larger house takes the lead, bungalow becomes less popular in recent days. But if you are looking for efficient, low-cost living space, this type of home can be an option.

It is also a perfect choice for new couples or singles who need to downsize their residence.