Dining Room Mirror

Mirrors can expand the space, both in width and length. If you wish to make a dining room look spacious, installing dining room mirror can be a wise decision.

Aside from expanding the space, mirrors add a decorative touch to any given room. Thanks to a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs that makes this element well-suited to different dining room mirror styles. Here some option from Iki Sae.

mirror in dining room feng shui

Dining Room Mirror

From a perspective of mirror in dining room feng shui, it can invite certain energies into the space. Now that you’re looking for mirror ideas, take a closer look at inspirations below.

1. Large Mirror for a Focal Point

A large framed mirrors creates a focal point in your dining room. It not only bounces light but also reflects the universe against it, providing you with a visually larger space.

The bold frame ensures the safety and sturdiness of this mirror, in addition to giving a stylish look. Install this large dining room mirror on one side of the room rather than both sides.

2. Mirror Panels Wall Ornament

Dining room mirror doesn’t have to come as a whole piece. Try these mirror panels to reflect your room and decorate the wall at a time.

This decorative mirror comes in three or four pieces. Simply arrange the mirror panels vertically or horizontally. Consider the right place to achieve your goal of mirrors in dining room feng shui.

These panels are framed for a bolder accent. Besides, it also makes a safe decoration especially if you live with kids.

3. Ornamental Mirrors for Dining Room

An ornamental mirror is a perfect way to enhance your dining table without extra effort. This mirror idea is timeless and well suited to any room style, especially if you wish to accentuate classy nuance.

The interconnected eye-shaped mirrors come in small sizes. Combined with gold frame, this ornamental mirror offers a strong sense of luxury.

Unlike large dining room mirror, this option doesn’t work well to bounce more light into the room because of the small sizes and gold frames.

4. Round Sunburst Dining Room Mirror

If you need a mirror for its decorative touch rather than reflecting effect, this sunburst mirror can be a perfect choice. The round wall mirror can be a nice ornament in your industrial or modern room.

Combine this artsy mirrors with mirrored dining table so your small dining room looks larger than its actual size. And don’t forget to find the right place for this artwork.

5. Mirror Walls for Small Room

When small dining room mirror is not enough, how about installing these mirror walls? Rather than covering a narrow area of the wall, this mirror extends from floor to ceiling and offers full coverage.

If you have a small space issue, mirror walls are a great way to extend space in width and length. Choose the right side of wall for the best display.

But be careful! If you have active small kids, installing this mirror design might not be a good decision.

6. Classic Oval Dining Room Mirror

A classic dining room needs a meticulous consideration when it comes to choosing the right decorative mirrored. But this classic oval mirror makes your search easier.

The oval-shaped mirror comes with wooden frame to ensure its sturdiness while maintaining a classic look. Place the mirror over a console table and combine with tabletop decoration of your preference.

7. Dining Table with Mirror

Dining room mirror doesn’t have to be installed on the wall—it can also be present on your dining table. A mirrored table offers a unique experience when enjoying good meals.

This kind of table is available in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Choose a mirrored dining table that fits your dining room style.