Fake Phone Number

Do you need some privacy? Then you might need to consider using free fake phone number and keep the real number a secret. It cannot be denied that phone numbers are commonly required for confirmation or authentication when creating account. But providing your real phone number makes you prone of fraud and privacy as well as security issue.

Using fake phone number for verification code is the best solution. Moreover, there is a wide array of options when it comes to fake number generators. Websites and tools can be easily found on the internet, providing you with easy access to these fake numbers. Check this out and get to know more about where to find free fake phone number for verification. Here 5 best free fake phone number.


Best Free Fake Phone Number Providers

1.      2ndline App : Best Free Fake Phone Number Application

2ndline is a versatile application that brings in a simple and basic concept for fake number to verify account. As the name suggests, this application lets you get a second line that comes in handy. This app is available on Android only, so Apple users might need to consider another app.

The online fake number verification app is pretty easy to use, and yet it comes with lots of features. Simply download the application and you can enjoy free calls and free texts to Canada and the United States. It also enables you to place international call at low cost. Not to mention it also provides a picture messaging feature that can make your communication more attractive.

The 2ndline is basically a free app but you can upgrade the features and feel the engaging experience. Its versatility and the many features make this application worth your money. After downloading and installing 2ndline, create your account and get fake phone number for code.

2.      ReceiveSMS : Best Free Fake Phone Number Website

If you don’t want to download or install any application on your device, ReceiveSMS is where you should go. This website provides you with sizable selection of phone numbers categorized by its country. After accessing the website, click the country that you want then choose the fake phone number that you want. Then, select Read received SMS and wait for the system to retrieve the messages.

There are many countries to choose, such as Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, and the US. Without registration, you can receive fake phone number for verification on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. The phone number can also receive SMS online as well as web service verification.

Not only does ReceiveSMS.co offer fake number to verify account but it also provides real phone number. Now verification and authentication become much easier and safer as you can keep your personal information and provide fake number from ReceiveSMS.co.

3.      Nexmo

For professional use, Nexmo comes to offer you a solution. Specifically built for business, Nexmo helps grow your companies and startup by giving engaging experience to your customers through phone calls and messaging. In addition, Nexmo features authentication that can enhance the privacy and security of logins.

In terms of authentication and fake phone number, Nexmo offers number insight that lets you get real-time intelligence on phone numbers worldwide. Furthermore, it also features SMS API that enables two-factor authentication. Online fake number verification are also available for phone calls and text messages.

With these virtual numbers, you can send alerts and notification to customers via SMS or voice calls. The provided numbers let them reply or call back for a better experience. Today, there are over 7 billion phones are connected globally and use the fake phone number for verification.

4.      Fauxid.com

Fauxid.com is a phone number generator that provides you with fake phone number for code. The phone number consists of country code, area code, and phone numbers that help you make communication. Besides providing online fake number verification, Fauxid.com also provides fake identity, fake name, fake SSN, fake address, and fake credit card.

It is really simple to generate a fake phone number from the website. Simply choose calling code of the country that you want, then choose the format type, area code and how many numbers to generate. Then click the button to start generating phone numbers.

Whether you need fake number to verify account or other purposes, Fauxid.com helps keep your private information secure. However, not all generated numbers are functional as you might find some of them are useless.

5.      Freephonenum

Another website to get fake number is Freephonenum. This versatile website provides you with disposable phone number that can be used temporarily. If you need fake phone number for verification code for Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, or Google, Freephonenum.com could be it.

Interestingly, the fake phone number for verification code can also be used to send SMS messages. But this feature can only be found in the US and Canada. It is really simple to take benefit from Freephonenum. All you have to do is access the website, get the number that you want and use it.

This is completely a simple solution if you need fake phone number for code but don’t want to download and install any mobile application. But you should note that all messages sent to fake phone number are not filtered.