Feng Shui Dining Room

In feng shui, everything matters, from color choices to furniture placement. And if you wish to create harmony and bring happiness while enjoying the meals, feng shui dining room is worth the thought.

Many homeowners follow feng shui not only to create an impressive interior but also invite balance and positive energy. Take a closer look at feng shui dining room guidelines below to upgrade the dining room with Iki Sae.

best color for dining room feng shui

Feng Shui Dining Room

There are many things to do to make your dining place fits feng shui principles. From choosing dining table position to get water element, here is how to feng shui your dining place.

1. Choose the Right Position of the Table

When it comes to shapes, oval and round dining tables are the best to promote a curving flow of chi (energy). Meanwhile, a rectangular dining table is bad since it causes a rushing flow of energy.

Table position also matters. It should be position at the center of the room so the energy can flow gently. Avoid placing the table parallel with the walls as the energy will be trapped in the corners.

2. Consider Seating Arrangement

Feng shui dining table also considers seating arrangement. In a good practice of feng shui, the seat furthest from the door is the best. It is protected by solid walls and gains a clear view of windows.

In contrast, a seat back to the window is the weakest. This position makes the sitter vulnerable and feel insecure. This kind of seating arrangement is often found with round tables.

3. Color : Primary Feng Shui Dining Room

Pastel or neutral colors are the best color for dining room feng shui. These colors provide pleasant and relaxing feel, in addition to inviting positive energy.

If you have a large area, using single color is the best. You may add more colors by incorporating ornaments, displays, or pictures.

Choosing the best color for dining place feng shui can also be applied to your table. Plain shades are the best to evoke calming energy around the table.

4. Try to Get Plants on Dining Table

In feng shui, plants promote a lucky energy. Getting few plants on the dining table is able to attract goodness in the area, of course by considering the best location.

Plants on dining table feng shui symbolizes nature and chi. Having a few soft-leaved plants invite lucks and positive energy, allowing you to feel better while enjoying the meals.

If you don’t have a plant but want to achieve this feng shui dining table goal, some pictures that add a feeling of pleasure will help. So, you can still enjoy the same goodness as plants on dining table feng shui.

5. Pay Attention to Lighting and Mirrors

Lighting and mirrors are important elements in feng shui. Choose soft and calming lighting that represents good energy. Try to get wall-mounted lights with dimmer to boost your mood.

Feng shui mirror in dining room should reflect the dining table and display food. When it reflects a bowl of fruit, it is believed to double life wealth.

It is also important to note that feng shui mirror in dining room shouldn’t reflect the kitchen or bathroom. This arrangement will attract bad energy from both areas.

6. Aquarium & Fish : Feng Shui Dining Room

Besides plants, flowing water symbolizes good energy and luck. It also represents the richness of life. Having a small water feature in the area is a brilliant idea in a feng shui dining room.

The water feature can be anything, from aquarium to tabletop fountain. If it is not possible to get a water feature, opt for water symbols such as a picture of water.

However, it is not recommended to use the water features in the south, northeast, or southwest as it will clash with the energy.