Flower Decoration at Home

Flowers are a great way to embellish your home. With plenty of plant choices, flower decoration at home offers not only a visual attraction but also alluring scent.

When it comes to flower decor inspiration, a plethora of ideas are available. Take a look at creative flower decoration at home ideas below by Iki Sae version and get your mind blown!

ganpati decoration ideas with flowers

Flower Decoration at Home

Plant for indoor decoration varies widely, from beautiful roses to colorful tulips that display perfection. Or if you want to keep everything simple, artificial flowers will do.

1. Rose Chandelier

A floral chandelier is a simple flower decoration inspiration for any occasion. Whether you’re throwing a floral-themed birthday party, baby shower, or anniversary, it makes a perfect option.

Creating this lovely chandelier is quite easy. Simply tie roses upside down on a wooden frame and hang it up. Opt for roses in similar hues for a better look.

You can also combined with baby’s breath or other flowers for beautiful variation. A rose chandelier is ready to bring a bloom to your interior.

2. Tulip in a Bottle : European Flower Decoration at Home

Tulips are a gorgeous plant for indoor decoration that will never fail you. Tulips alone are adorable. And when it is combined with the right decor ideas, it doubles the beauty.

How about putting your tulips in a bottle? Collect unused bottles and transform into a creative vase for the tulips. The flower decoration will enhance your interior in no time.

If you want to level up living room or kitchen but don’t have much time, this flower decoration at home can be a nice pick.

3. Carnation Watering Pot

Nothing can give a strong sense of vintage look than recycled kitchenware. And if you need a fresh touch for a vintage interior, carnation watering pot is good to go.

Retouch an old watering pot with fresh paint and give it a new life. Get some carnations of your favorite color and find a good spot for this flower decoration.

Do you wish to make a long lasting decor? Opt for artificial carnation. These artificial flowers for home decoration can add a visual interest to any given space.

4. Pressed Flowers

This idea might remind you of a school project but it is worth the try. Pressed flowers are super easy to make yet it is incredibly perfect for a flower decoration at home.

You can choose a flower of your favorite. But for a better result, you may consider using daisies or pansies. Press them along with or without the foliage.

If you’re not into artificial flowers for home decoration, pressed flowers can be a long lasting wall ornament you should have.

5. Floral Wreath

Floral wreaths are popular for Christmas but you can always have this flower decoration all year long. Pick flowers and foliage of your favorite, either fresh or artificial, and unleash your creativity.

This decor is also suitable for celebrating special occasions like Ganpati. As one of Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers for front door, it creates a good first impression for your guests.

While ivy and mistletoe are common for a Christmas wreath, you may opt for red hibiscus, balsams, and glory lily. These flowers are believed to be Ganesh’s favorites.

6. Flower Balls : Ganpati Flower Decoration at Home

Still about Ganpati, there are flower balls that will make your special occasion more festive. This flower decoration may take extra time and effort but the result is worth it.

These Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers are suitable to decorate living room, hallways, or even front porch. Hang the balls high enough so children can’t reach them out.

What kind of flowers are suitable for this flower decoration at home? It could be anything from baby’s breath to daisies, to chrysanthemums. Secure them onto a circular sponge and hang it tight.