Are you looking for a free phone number to use? If you do, you might want to take a look at Freephonenum. Freephonenum offers phone numbers for free which can be used for sending and receiving messages as well as making a call for free. If you are interested, you are welcome to try our tutorial Freephonenum below.

Nowadays many websites and apps require a phone number to verify. This can be bothersome for many people, especially those who are concerned about privacy. Fortunately, virtual or disposable phone number providers like Freephoenum exist. Before we go to the tutorial, let’s get to know a bit about Freephonenum first.


A. Tutorial Freephonenum

What Is It FreePhoneNum?

Freephonenum is a free online service for messaging (both sending and receiving), making a call, and voice mails. Unlike many similar online services out there, there is no need to register to use Freephonenum’s service. You can just go and send, receive, or make a call with a disposable number you get from Freephoenum.


Freephonenum’s top features are disposable numbers, sending and receiving messages online, and its free of charge services. Freephonenum offers a list of disposable numbers that anyone can use as long as they have an internet connection. Not only that, but Freephonenum also keeps adding new numbers weekly, thus keeping the quality of services it provides.

Freephonenum allows you to send and receive messages online. That means you can just directly pick a number and use it to send or receive messages. Better yet, you don’t have to register at all to use these services. It is quick and without any hassle at all.

Last but not least, the services that Freephonenum provides are free. You can send and receive messages and even make a call free of charge. Freephonenum doesn’t charge the users for using its services, in example receive sms online India.

B. Pros and Cons


First and foremost, the service is free of charge. You can send and receive text messages for free. There is no need for a carrier plan, either. This, in and of itself, is a reason enough to use Freephonenum services.

There are also reliability and speed. Freephonenum provides a reliable and speedy service to users. All received messages are shown immediately and message delivery is instant. In case you are not convinced, just try our tutorial Freephonenum below and see it for yourself.

Another pros is that Freephonenum adds and changes phone numbers weekly. This means that most of Freephonenum’s numbers are fresh, thus ensuring top-notch service. In a way, these numbers are truly disposable.


The cons of using a free number from Freephonenum is limited availability. Currently, Freephoenum only supports phone numbers from six countries. These six countries are the U.S., Canada, the UK, Belgium, Puerto Rico, and Poland. Due to this limited availability, you won’t be able to have a fake phone number for verification Malaysia or receive sms online USA, for example.

Freephonenum also limits the number of SMSes that can be sent in a day. Currently, Freephonenum only allows users to send 5 text messages in a day. As such, the service should be used for essential things only.

3. Tutorials Freephonenum Free Phone Number

Below, we will give you the tutorial Freephonenum for getting a free phone number, sending text messages, receiving text messages, and making a call.

How to Get a Free Phone Number and Receive Messages

How do you get a free phone number from Freephonenum? Just do the following steps:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. You should see a selection of countries on the page. Select one that you want
  3. On the next page, you should see various disposable numbers on the list. Click the desired number
  4. That’s all. Now you have a virtual number that you can use to receive messages
  5. To see if there is any new message, just refresh the page. The latest incoming messages should appear on the list

Note: Since you can use Freephonenum’s number to receive messages, you should be able to use the free number for WhatsApp verification.

How to Send Text Message

Our next tutorial Freephonenum is how to send text messages. Follow the steps below to send a message:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Choose a country on the right
  3. Enter the recipient of the text message
  4. Type in your message
  5. Click the ‘I’m not a robot’ checklist to verify you are not a robot
  6. Click ‘Send Text Now’

Note: If you want to see the replies, just click ‘View Replies’

How to Make a Call

Besides sending and receiving messages, you can also use Freephonenum number to make free calls online as well. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Use the dial pad to enter the phone number you want to call
  3. Click the ‘I’m not a robot’ and make sure it is checked
  4. The last step on our tutorial Freephonenum is to click the green button at the bottom. A call should be made immediately