Garage Shelving Ideas

Garage is a multipurpose space in every house. In most garages, everything can be found in the garage. If your garage is also a room with a lot of stuff, you need the best garage shelving ideas to keep the things in there organized.

Garage is also a nice place to store your car. But many people can’t place their car in the garage since there are too many things in the garage. Consider building DIY garage shelving ideas to keep your floor free from anything and your car can sit comfortably inside, protected from the sun and extreme weather. Here some design ideas from Iki Sae.

organizer Diy garage ceiling storage

Garage Shelving Ideas

There are things you must do and things you should never do when preparing the garage and building some awesome shelving in that room. Follow the ideas below and you’ll organize your garage properly.

1. Keep These Things Out of Your DIY Garage Shelves

There are things you can store in the garage but some other things shouldn’t be there. Don’t keep the paint in your garage since the extreme heat and cold will ruin it. Paint cans must be stored in a temperate area. You must also keep the paper goods out of the garage.

Paper goods will attract bugs like roaches. You must move your paper goods to the pantry. Pet foods must also stay away from the garage since animals like possums can sniff them out and try to get inside your garage. Place pet food inside a sealed container.

2. Get Garage Organizers Ideas That Keep The Floor Free

If you don’t build your own DIY garage shelving, you better find cabinets or shelving units that have raised legs. Keep all things in the shelves or cabinets to keep the floor area free from any clutter. The raised legs of the shelving ease you to clean your garage floor beneath the shelving unit.

Consider using some helpful storage products in the garage, such as the stackable plastic bins that are clear and completed with lids. They will show you what is inside the bins. Different sized clear jars will also help you sort the hardware as well as the small items.

3. Consider The Open Garage Organizers Ideas Instead Of Cabinets

Shelves are easier for you to access and less expensive than closed cabinets. Besides, when you are looking for something, you can scan the things easily and find the stuff you need much more quickly. Additionally, open shelves will force you to keep things organized since they are visible.

Cabinet doors allow you to hide everything easily which leads to disorganization since you can hide whatever you want behind the doors and nobody will ever know how messy your garage actually is. If there is not enough space for the open shelves on the wall, build your own DIY garage ceiling storage.

4. Install The Vertical Garage Shelving Ideas

Vertical shelving system is extremely simple to install and is widely available. You can cut it to size and then paint the unit to customize its look. Many vertical shelving units even come with compatible organizers, shelves, and hooks.

You can also consider some other garage shelving ideas like using track based systems and panelized systems. The panelized systems will finish your entire garage walls with plastic panels that are slotted and will hold the shelves, lock in hooks, as well as cabinets. Each square inch of wall space can be used.

5. Build And Use The DIY Garage Ceiling Storage Wisely

Use your garage ceiling to hang the long and flat things that you won’t use every single day. Seasonal sports gear and ladders are some of those things that are perfect to stay on the garage ceiling.