Garage Workbench Ideas

If you spend a lot of time in the garage doing things you love, you need to make it comfortable and complete it with wonderful garage workbench ideas. Workbench in the garage is going to help ease your job. You’ll enjoy your activities even more.

All the ideas below about making your garage workbench ideas become more helpful are the DIY garage bench ideas you can follow easily. The change may be simple but is enough to bring a big difference in the workshop efficiency. Here some ideas from Iki Sae.

Workbench organization ideas

Garage Workbench Ideas

Many things can be done to make your workbench work better and looks amazing at once. Here is what you can do to enhance the power of your garage workbench:

1. Build a Stand For Your Cordless Tools

For the first of the garage bench ideas here, you can use pegboard pieces to build a charger stand and mount them on the wall, right in front of the workbench. Pegboard wall will hold your cordless tools easily and won’t cause any tangle on your workbench and shelf.

When you need to use one, pull it out for charging. Or you can simply plug it in the power strip that you mount under your pegboard. Charge the batteries while the tool is still on your pegboard. If you are bored with those tools on the wall, simply rebuild the pegboard and end your charger clutter.

2. Excellent Workbench Organization Ideas With Power Strip

This is the simplest idea you should try but still the best and most useful decision you’ll ever make. Simply screw the power strip to your workbench’s side. When you need to use tools that require electricity, there is no need to use the extension cords.

However, you need to reconsider these workbench organization ideas if you have kids living in the house. Make sure your kids won’t touch the power strip easily. Cover it with plastic or anything else to protect your kids or turn it off when you’re not around.

3. Prepare a Hardware Drawer With Transparent Storage

The next of work bench ideas for garage is completing your workbench with a drawer. Then fill that drawer with movable partitions. Use the transparent partitions so you’ll know what they hold inside. Add labels to ease you to stow and grab them every time you need to use them.

4. Mount The Sandpaper Cutter on Your Work Bench Ideas For Garage

Sandpaper is an essential thing, so does its cutter. You sure can cut your sandpaper using the knife blade or scissor but it will make them dull. Consider fastening your hacksaw blade on the edge of your workbench.

When you need to cut your sandpaper, simply slide your sandpaper sheet easily behind your blade. Fold your sandpaper where you want to cut.

5. Cover Your Garage Workbench Ideas With Laminate Flooring

If you have some leftover scraps from laminate flooring, use them to beautify the surface of your garage workbench. Laminate flooring is extremely easy to clean and is really tough. You can simply scrape off the dried paint or glue. Fasten your laminate flooring using small nails.

Those nails ease you in prying the laminate flooring off when you have to replace them in a couple years from now. This is going to make your workbench’s top much more durable in an easy way. Make sure to install the laminate flooring garage workbench ideas properly so they’ll stay even much longer.

6. Complete Your Workbench With A Space For Miter Saw Waste

This is an excellent waste management you must have in your garage. Create a hole in your workbench so that everything you throw away from the table top will go directly to the recycle bin under the workbench.