Garden Feng Shui

You can apply feng shui inside and outside your home. Creating good garden feng shui will help you increase the garden’s energy. No matter how small the gardens you have, you need to watch the feng shui. Your beautiful garden is going to create feng shui with vibrant energy.

Also, garden feng shui outdoor plants will neutralize all bad energy before the energy can even enter your home. You must use the elements of feng shui properly and define the bagua of feng shui in the backyard plant. One day, you will figure out how gorgeous your garden is. Here some ideas from Iki Sae.

feng shui outdoor plants

Garden Feng Shui

How to create good feng shui in the garden? Simply by following the entire tips or guide below. Make sure you don’t miss any single guide.

1. Define The Vision of Your Garden to Create The Feng Shui

Feng shui outdoor plants will help you attract the high quality and nourishing feng shui energy to enter your home and to delight all the senses you have. Your gardens size is not the most crucial criteria to apply feng shui.

It is okay if you cannot frame your house with a big and lush garden. Small gardens outside is enough to create the feng shui design and gather all the positive energy you need.

2. Define The Map of Garden Energy or The Bagua

Bagua means the energy map. Does your garden or your yard have the same energy map as your house? When you define the energy map of the house, you must also include the gardens or feng shui backyard in your house’s energy map.

By understanding the energy map of the garden, you will be able to choose the right decoration. For example, you may want an outdoor fountain that is completed with some floating golden bells for the southeast area, that is connected to abundance and money energy.

3. Consider The Water Feature to Complete Your Garden

Feng shui backyard will be perfect with water features. But avoid using any water feature you find at the garden center. Choose the right water feature for your park and it will improve the energy of feng shui around your home.

Water feature arrangement in feng shui is a little more complicated since water is the abundance’s universal symbol. You need some advice a from feng shui consultant who is experienced in this sector. Apply water feature in the right location in your garden and you will gain the entire benefits of feng shui.

4. Use The Best Products for The Best Garden Feng Shui

Use the best tools to create good feng shui in your gardens. How to do that? Use the northeast garden area to apply the earth element since this area is connected to self-cultivation and personal growth energy. Create Zen garden in this area with rock formations that look beautiful.

The best area for water features or water elements will be in the southeast, which is connected to abundance and money. You can also place the water feature of feng shui garden plants in the north, where the path in life and career is connected to.

5. Work with the garden feng shui colors

Working with the colors of feng shui garden plants will help you emphasize assorted rhythms of feng shui in the gardens. In the feng shui, colors are used based on the five elements. The south of your garden must get the fire energy by growing purple or red colored flowers.

Complete the southwest part of your garden with the earth energy that is symbolized by the light yellow colored flowers. Make sure the other elements’ colors grow in your garden. The other elements are including water element and metal element.