Hanging Herb Garden

If you love gardening but you live in a limited space with no backyard, consider making a hanging herb garden. Growing the herbs indoors actually give you a fresh decoration as well. And when you need the herb to season, it is extremely easy to collect them, no need to step outside.

However, there are some things you need to prepare before you start this precious hanging herb garden project. For example, you need to choose what plants you will grow inside and the tools you will need to grow them successfully and where you will grow the herbs. Here some option from Iki Sae.

wall hanging herb garden indoor and outdoor

Hanging Herb Garden

If this is new for you, the guide below will help you get the gorgeous herb garden inside, without taking up the entire spaces you have.

1. Choose The Right Herb Plants

So many herbs will grow indoors but the ones that will really grow in the herb wall planter until the harvest time are thyme, chives, rosemary, parsley, oregano, mint, and basil. Feel free to start from cuttings or seeds. It is easier to grow from cuttings which are the branch of the existing plant.

Cut the existing herb plant at the node. Then soak the cutting in the water until the new roots start sprouting. If you decide to grow the herbs from seedlings, get them from the nearest garden shop or from the online store.

2. Prepare The Right Container for Herb Wall Planter

Use any pot you desire for each herb plant. But make sure the pot has a good drainage system. Container in any size is allowed to grow your herbs. However, the smaller the pot or container you use, the sooner you must repot your herb plants.

If you are interested to use modern planters for your vertical herb planter like the mason jars, make sure you add a layer of some pebbles at the bottom of the jars. They will catch the excess moisture and help your potting soil so it won’t get saturated.

3. Determine The Sunniest Spot to Place Vertical Herb Planter

Many herbs need lots of sunlight to grow. The herbs you grow indoors must get enough sun, between 6 and 8 hours every day. You can maximize the exposure by placing them close to the brightest window. The best window to grow your herb plants indoor is the one that faces the south direction.

Avoid placing your hanging herb garden in the middle of the room or close to the window that has northern exposure. The herb plants won’t get enough light. The plants you grow during winter will grow better by the help of LED light or grow light.

4. Be Careful in Watering Your Wall Hanging Herb Garden Indoor and Outdoor

Small herb plants, especially the ones that grow indoor, need water in a little amount. How will you make sure that your herb plants grow? Simply by keeping your plants’ soil moist consistently. But make sure the soil is not waterlogged.

Use a small sized watering can to drizzle your herb plants. If your plants’ leaves start turning yellow or wilting, you need to scale back your water.

5. Harvesting Wall Hanging Herb Garden Indoor and Outdoor

Avoid harvesting the entire leaves at once. Harvest some sprigs of your herb plants by pinching off the leaves using your fingers or kitchen shears. Regular cutbacks will encourage the new growth which means you will get new leaves replacing the ones you harvest.

Do not harvest more than a quarter of the hanging herb garden. This will distress your herb plants and kill them which means you must start from the beginning again to grow and harvest the herb plants.