House Cleaning Checklist

This is house cleaning checklist by Iki Sae version. House cleaning can be a daunting and endless duty. While there is no way to get rid of these chores, designing an efficient house cleaning checklist can be an option.

The checklist promotes a quick and thorough cleaning so you know what to do on which part. This cleaning routine can be set up on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending on your time.

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House Cleaning Checklist

Whole-home cleaning checklist below contains detailed chores for different parts of a house, such as living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Customize the checklist below to suit your needs.

1. Living Room

As a high traffic area, living room catches debris and dirt easily. That’s why it requires extra attention to keep the room clean and clutter-free.

Daily housekeeping checklist for living room may include vacuum and mop floors, dust sofa, and wipe coffee table. You may also dust shelves or accessories, if any.

Cleaning light fixtures and windows can be done biweekly or monthly, along with vacuuming the rugs and fabric couch. If necessary, you may also clean glass windows.

Yearly schedule includes deep cleaning checklist, such as polishing hardwood flooring or cleaning marks and scuffs on the wall.

2. Kitchen : Daily House Cleaning Checklist

Food debris, grease, and grime builds up faster than you thought. Designing a customized house cleaning checklist for kitchen helps you keep this area hygienic.

Wiping countertops and stove surface after each use is a great way to maintain its shine. You can also empty waste bin and sweep and mop floor on a daily basis to remove food bits and debris.

For weekly cleaning schedule, start with wiping the cabinet and spraying disinfectant inside the fridge or dishwasher. Deep clean the stove to get rid of clog or grime buildup in difficult area.

Make time for kitchen deep cleaning for countertops and dishwasher. Don’t forget to clean higher points and covered area like behind the cabinet or under the fridge.

3. Dining Room

A clean dining room enhances your appetite. When it comes to housekeeping checklist for dining room, there are many things to do.

Wipe dining table before and after each use. Sweeping floors and emptying bin should also be included in daily schedule, in addition to making table and arranging chairs.

Weekly cleaning schedule for dining room may include cleaning cabinet and table runner. These parts are prone to grime and grease so weekly cleaning can prevent grime deposits.

Going further, your dining room might also require a yearly cleaning checklist. Simply clean cobwebs and light fixtures to keep it shiny.

4. Bedroom

Cleaning and organizing bedroom is rather simple. House cleaning checklist for bedroom on a daily basis include dust furniture, make bed after each use, mop floor, and empty waste bin.

On a weekly basis, make time for vacuuming the bed, organizing closet and cleaning glass window. Since bedroom doesn’t catch dust as fast as living room, weekly cleaning is enough for these parts.

When it comes to deep cleaning checklist, make a schedule for washing curtains or cleaning blinds, dusting lampshades, and polishing vanity.

5. Bathroom : Daily and Monthly House Cleaning Checklist

Intended for cleaning yourself and flexing your muscle, bathroom should be hygienic, neat, and odor-free. Cleaning routine helps maintain not only the cleanliness but also beauty of the area.

Start with cleaning mirrors, empty trash can, and disinfect toilets on a daily basis. This helps remove odor and bacteria from the bathroom. You can also scrub floors to remove mold and mildew.

Once in a week, clean tile and grout using a toilet brush to avoid slippery floor. Wash your shower curtains to get rid of scum and mildew.

Additionally, arrange a schedule to clean shower head and tubs on a yearly basis. You can also customize this house cleaning checklist to meet your bathroom needs.