How to Solve Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up

How to solve Facebook Marketplace not showing up? Facebook Marketplace is a very useful feature. The easy-to-use feature allows users to trade, buy, sell, and list items with people in their region. The thing is, sometimes it doesn’t show up.

If yours doesn’t show up, keep reading on. Below, we explain how to solve the problem and make it show up on your Facebook.

How to Solve Facebook Marketplace Not Showing Up

There are a number of reasons why Facebook Marketplace doesn’t show up. Of course, that also means there are a number of ways to make it show up. Ready? Let’s start it.

1 Age restriction

One of the reasons why the Facebook Marketplace icon missing is age restriction. Indeed, the Marketplace is for adults.

If you are under the age of 18 and want to use the Marketplace, just ask an older family member who also uses Facebook to help you.

2 Log out then log in

How to solve Facebook Marketplace not showing up if you are older than 18 and live in a region where the Marketplace is available?

One of the first things you can try is to log out from your Facebook account and then log in again. That might make the icon show up on your home menu.

Uninstall and reinstall the app from your device

You are using the Facebook app on a device. You meet the requirements to gain access to Facebook Marketplace. Yet, somehow the icon doesn’t show up.

3 How to show Marketplace Facebook, then?

Besides logging out then logging in, another thing you can do is to uninstall the Facebook app from your device then reinstall it again. This can solve the Facebook Marketplace icon missing issue.

4 New account

Another reason why Marketplace not showing up on Facebook is because your account is new. That is, assuming you are older than 18 and live in a region where Marketplace is available.

Facebook restricts the Marketplace for new accounts is because it wants to prevent system abuse and spam, which is quite understandable.

What can you do about it? How to show Marketplace Facebook if your account is new?

Well, you will need to use it often. Be as active on Facebook as you can. This means adding friends, sharing photos, commenting on posts, and so on.

If you meet the requirements and are an active user, the Marketplace may show up.

5 Change your region

The Marketplace is available in over 40 countries around the world. This is not an issue if you live in one of these countries.

But what if you are older than 18 but live in a region where the Marketplace is unavailable? Are you locked out from the feature forever marketplace not showing up on Facebook? Nope.

Here’s how to solve Facebook Marketplace not showing up because it is not available in your region.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Navigate to “Language and Region”.
  4. Change your region to one where the Marketplace is available.

To check the regions where the Marketplace is available, just go to the links below. from your browser.

6 Device doesn’t support it

The Facebook Marketplace icon might not show up on your Facebook app might be because the device no longer supports it. In this case, the only solution is to use a newer device.

There is a workaround for this. Instead of using the Facebook app, log in to your account using a mobile browser. This way, you might be able to access the Marketplace even if your device doesn’t support it anymore.

7 Direct access to Facebook Marketplace

Have no time to wait for the icon to show up and want to go to the Marketplace directly instead?

If you want to access the Marketplace directly, just open your browser and head to the link below