Indian Number for OTP

Disposable numbers are a brilliant, risk-free solution for OTP verification. If you are currently living in India and you need Indian number for OTP then you are on the right page.

Here we provide you with handpicked virtual number provider applications with which you can buy or generate disposable number. Whatever your purposes, you can always find the right provider.

Indian Number for OTP

There are oodles of providers that allow you to get free Indian number for OTP. If you don’t have time to scour the internet for top apps, following list can be your best reference.

1 Freezvon

Freezvon is a reliable virtual number provider that allows you to purchase a virtual number online. Use this disposable number to receive OTP verification while keeping your real number safe.

As an international VoIP service provider, Freezvon is suitable for business and personal purposes. In addition to safety reason, this telephone system helps improve your communication.

Virtual numbers from Freezvon are suitable for various uses such as calling, text messages, and multichannel numbers. It can also be used for receiving fax messages as well as toll free numbers.

Best of all, Freezvon provides 24/7 online consultation. Whether you need help for purchasing Indian disposable number for OTP or others, they are ready to help.

How to purchase a number through Freezvon is quite simple. You can simply login with Facebook and proceed the purchase or create a Freezvon account with few easy steps.

2 Limecall

Limecall allows you to get Indian number for OTP without hustle. Whether you want to send or receive OTP, this service provider helps you achieve the goal.

More than 5,000 businesses trust Limecall for their virtual business mobile number. With easy setup, you will be able to communicate just like locals and get unlimited Indian number OTP bypass.

There are so many things you can do with Limecall, such as business texting, call forwarding, and voicemail transcription. Wi-Fi calling is also available for your convenience.

What’s great about this VoIP service provider is that you can enjoy high quality call. It also offers risk-free service without exposing your personal number.

If you are interested to use their service, feel free to sign up for free. Upon joining, you can buy an Indian virtual number and achieve your goal.

3 Freeje

Freeje has been around for a while. This is a top virtual number provider which covers more than 100 countries, including India. Using this app you can get Indian disposable number for OTP with desired plan.

Indian number for OTP from Freeje can be used for other purposes like voice calls, SMS, and fax from other countries. It makes a suitable choice either for personal and business use.

There are two different plans to choose from: Freeje Optimum and Freeje Classic. Each plan offers different pricing and features but both allows you to get monthly virtual number for OTP verifications.

Get your second number without using another device with Freeje. Using this virtual number, SMS verifications and call forwarding are made simple.

4 Numero eSIM

With more than 6M+ downloads, Numero eSIM is one of the most widely used virtual number providers. Get unlimited Indian phone number OTP bypass for online verification.

Your virtual number doesn’t require a new device. That said, you can enjoy the privilege of having a second phone number for various purposes like business, online dating, and online selling.

There are different things you can do with Numero eSIM, from affordable calls and SMS to local rate data. Stay connected wherever you are.

What’s great about Numero eSIM is that you can get a free Indian number for OTP. Be sure you have an Android device to obtain Indian number for OTP without charge.