Kids Room Decor

A kid’s bedroom is not only a place to rest but also a territory to play and express themselves. Choosing the right kids room decor that fits their personality traits make yourself a good parent.

Fortunately, there are countless options when it comes to kid’s bedroom ideas. But if you don’t have enough time to scroll through pages, check out these following kids room decor inspirations by Iki Sae version.

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Kids Room Decor

Involving your kids can be a perfect way to decorate their bedroom. But if they are too small for this task, it’s all up to your creativity. Take a look at cool bedroom ideas below and get inspired!

1. Galaxy Bedroom for Boys

If your kids are fond of planets, constellations, or anything about galaxy, this bedroom decor idea has everything your kids will love. Luckily, these boys bedroom ideas are easy to make.

While dark blue wall paints represent outer space, incorporate galaxy-themed ornaments from wall paintings to hanging ornaments. Get a galaxy projector for a better outer space effect.

2. Montessori Kids Bedroom

Montessori bedroom encourages your kids to explore their environment. It uses neutral tone and simple decoration to bring a sense of calm.

This bedroom idea is suitable for baby boy and baby girl, thanks to neutral, white hue domination. Just as with most Montessori baby girl room ideas, it has small furniture pieces for kids to explore.

3. Fairy Tale Bedroom

Sleeping in a fairy tale-themed bedroom can be one of little girl’s biggest dreams. Luckily, decorating this space doesn’t have to break your bones or savings.

Opt for wall stickers to evoke a sense of dreamy fairy tale. Combined with pastel wall paints and girly ornaments such as string lights and wall paintings, these kids bedroom ideas are worth the thought.

4. Kids Room Decor for Twin

Giving your twin kids a personal space allows them to explore themselves better. But if you don’t have much space left, this kids room decor will suit your needs.

Rather than using a bunk bed, opt for two single beds that are placed in both sides of the room. Get customized shelves to connect the bed and keep small things organized.

5. World Map for the Little Adventurer

Young adventurers deserve this bedroom decor. As one of the best boys bedroom ideas, it has a large world map that helps your kids plan their journey.

In addition to world map, a spherical hanging light fixture represents a globe. You can also incorporate world’s landmark as wall ornaments or accessories.

6. Sport-Theme Bedroom

If your boy is a little sport enthusiast, these sport-theme kids bedroom ideas can be a perfect choice. Not only is the bedroom simple to make, it is great to represent kid’s favorite things.

There are many ways to decorate a sport-themed bedroom. Install a giant poster of kid’s favorite team or sport equipment. You may also opt for football bedding or basketball ornaments.

7. Sweet and Chic Kids Room Decor

This kids room decor is a perfect way to make your little girl feel special. Featuring a sweet and chic theme, this bedroom uses pastel colors for all elements, including wall paints and furniture pieces.

If you are looking for baby girl room ideas, customize the design with a floor bed. For a safe and cozy spot to play on the floor, get a fur area rug.

8. Space-saving Bunk Bed

Having a small space issue means you have to be creative in managing kids room decor. Luckily, a bunk bed offers a brilliant solution to save space.

This bunk bed idea combines a cozy bed and fun hideout upstairs. It is good to know that the hideout can also be transformed into a bed, just in case a kid’s friend sleeps over.