Kitchen Remodel

Renovating a kitchen doesn’t have to be daunting and bank breaking. While the cost heavily depends on your remodel ideas, you have a plenty of options for simple, low-budget kitchen remodel.

Adding a subtle touch will bring a different feel. Meanwhile, simple changes like retouching the cabinets or installing new lighting fixtures are among cost-efficient kitchen remodel renovation ideas to choose from Iki Sae.

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Kitchen Remodel

No matter your kitchen styles, revamping this area requires meticulous consideration. Be sure the new decoration doesn’t leave fussy impression. Here are remodel ideas to apply to your kitchen.

1. Retouch Old Cabinets

Cabinets are the largest furniture in the kitchen, thus it plays a major role in making a statement. When it comes to kitchen renovation, start with retouching your old cabinets.

This simple project will bring significant improvement to the cooking area. With fresh coating and maybe new color, it invites new energy and vibe.

Choose a color of your favorite to upgrade the cabinets. While pastel colors work well for farmhouse kitchen, bold colors are great for modern style.

2. Kitchen Remodel with Revamp Backsplash

Kitchen makeovers can be as simple as revamping backsplash. Despite this area is forgotten, it deserves your attention especially if you have a kitchen sink with no windows.

There are various ways to remodel backsplash. Try to install subway tiles with glossy finish to make the space visually larger. Or, get waterproof wall stickers for cost-efficient and easy improvement.

3. Repaint Kitchen Walls

Wall retouch is the easiest, simplest, and most popular kitchen remodel idea. If you need to add a new attraction but don’t have enough time, wall repaint has got you covered.

However, choosing a random color will leave a fussy impression or ruin the whole appearance at worst. Thus, consider which hues match your kitchen style.

While white is a neutral hue that matches most styles, stark colors are not recommended for kitchen makeovers.

4. Install New Lighting Fixtures

The right choice of lighting fixtures can add a visual appeal to your kitchen. Since most lighting fixtures are installed in the center of the area, it creates a focal point effortlessly.

Chandeliers and pendants are timeless and popular lighting fixtures for kitchen and dining room. Pick an installation that is affordable but especially able to draw the eyes upward.

5. Kitchen Remodel With Add New Storage

Getting new storage is a brilliant idea when it comes to designing new kitchen. Not only does it keep your kitchen clean and organized, it also adds new feature in the area.

So many different storage types are available. If you wish to display unique kitchenware, open shelving will be great for kitchen remodel. But if you want to keep things out of sight, closed cabinet will do.

6. Get Wall Ornaments

Wall ornaments give your kitchen a touch of art. Designing new kitchen with wall ornaments is completely simple, ideal if you don’t have much time with the renovation.

Different wall ornaments will be well-suited to any cooking space. While antique dishes and saucers are visually appealing, decorative wall arts offers new statement to the interior.

You can also play with patterns and textures. Install new wall coverings like tiles, vinyl, or wall stickers and see how it upgrades the kitchen.

7. Refinish Furniture Pieces

If you are working on a tight budget, refinishing furniture pieces can be a savvy kitchen remodel idea. Without spending extra budgets on new furniture, your kitchen looks fresh and attractive.

Fresh paint can give your dated furniture a new life. Once the project is done, you can enjoy clean and sophisticated look while preparing meals for the beloved ones.

What is the right color for kitchen furniture? Neutral tones are the best. If you have a small kitchen, bright shades can bounce light and make the space visually bigger.