Kitchen Sink Ideas

Sinks are an essential element in the kitchen, whether for cleanup or food prep. There are so many kitchen sink ideas available on the market, allowing you to find a type that meets your needs.

However, choosing the best kitchen sink ideas can be overwhelming. If you need a little help from Iki Sae, scroll through and get to know more about sink types to complement your kitchen.

decorating above kitchen sink window

Kitchen Sink Ideas

Kitchen sink design ideas vary heavily depending on materials. From stainless steel to composite, these sinks offer different feels and durability. Check this out for more sink ideas.

1. Divided Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

Divided sinks usually come with double or triple bowls. It is commonly a few inches larger than one-bowl sink but provides you with efficient kitchen cleanup.

You can easily handle various jobs at a time, thanks to separated bowls that ensure the cleanliness of your pots or pans. Plus, it allows easier co-working in the kitchen.

However, these kitchen sink design ideas typically have smaller bowls. This means cleaning large pans can be a bit tricky. If you frequently use large cooking utensils, this kitchen might not be a good option.

2. Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel is the most popular material for kitchen sinks. It is fame for its strength, durability, and minimum maintenance. Plus, stainless steel sinks are typically affordable.

No matter your kitchen styles, stainless steel can be a perfect complement in the space. Grab some kitchen sink decor to match with other elements and enhance this cleanup area.

Since stainless steels are prone to scratch, avoid cleaning the surface with steel wool or abrasive cleaner. Use a sponge or microfiber cloth with commercial or homemade cleaner to maintain its shine.

3. Cast Iron Sinks

If you are adopting farmhouse style, cast iron sinks are among the most preferred kitchen sink ideas. The sturdy and highly durable material has been a timeless option to perfect the kitchen.

Interestingly, cast iron sinks are available in various colors. Without additional kitchen sink decor, it works well to enhance the cooking space.

A thing to note about cast iron sinks is that they are heavy. It requires proper support underneath to promote your safety and maintain its durability.

4. Composite Sinks

This kind of sink is made of granite or quartz combined with acrylic-resin base. The mixture results in hardy and durable material that is resistant to scratches.

Since the material is engineered, it can be shaped as desired. It is also available in various colors that do not fade, allowing you to mix and match with other elements.

If you wish to add a decorative touch, try decorating above kitchen sink window. From window treatment to hanging planter, it gives a different feel into the area.

5. Durable Solid-Stone Sinks

These kitchen sink ideas are irresistible. It is extremely durable and beautiful in appearance, allowing you to take kitchen to the next level.

Solid-stone sinks emphasize your high taste of interior design. Usually come in undermount style, it enhances your daily cleanup and food prep moment.

When you have it, decorating above kitchen sink window will be easier. Opt for classic window decoration to evoke a strong sense of classy. However, solid-stone can be very expensive.

6. Oversized Kitchen Sink Ideas

Cleaning and rinsing large pans can be tricky with standard kitchen sink. If you have the same problem, it’s time to upgrade the element by installing oversized sinks.

These kitchen sink ideas come with larger dimensions than standard single sinks. With a deeper and larger bowl, cleaning large pots won’t be a big problem.

Oversized sinks are ideal to complement a spacious kitchen. Since it consumes a lot of space on the counter, considering proportion is a key element for its beautiful appearance.