Landscaping Around Above Ground Pools

People love in-ground pools so much because this kind of swimming pool has a more aesthetic look than the above ground pool. But landscaping around above ground pools will be the right solution for those who can’t have an in-ground private pool at home.

Landscaping around above ground pools will make your pool look more stylish. The tall cylinder or rectangular pool in the backyard is going to make the backyard look awkward. But the right landscaping will make it fabulous. However, there are rules to follow in landscaping the above ground pool. Here some ideas from Iki Sae.

Landscaping around above ground swimming pool

Landscaping Around Above Ground Pools

There are at least 5 things you need to understand before you start landscaping the area around your new above the ground pool. Below are the essential things you better know:

1. Always Follow The Basic Things

Just like landscaping the other big sized object in the backyard, you will make your above ground pool landscaping look perfect with the symmetrical approach. Balance must control everything you will place around your above the ground pool.

Take your stationery and start drawing. Prepare the rocks, small trees, decorative trims, and mulch in the balanced position. This is going to bring in the aesthetic look to your backyard.

2. Pavers Around Above Ground Pool as a Border

You can use any material to create a border surrounding the above ground pool. Decorative timbers, rocks, mulch, concrete, and stone are all able to beautify the surroundings of your above the ground pool. By creating this border, you will get a nice transition look.

Besides, the border is going to help provide the proper drainage around your pool. You can hide the border of your private pool with decorative plants or shrubs. But make sure everyone can find and access the border easily. This is going to ease you in cleaning or maintaining them as well.

3. Creating Walkway With Pavers Around Above Ground Pool

Even though your swimming pool is closed to your home, the presence of a walkway will help all the swimmers and especially your house stay clean. If the swimmers walk on the dirt and glass, and then enter the house, you’ll have to do the cleaning much more often.

Landscaping around above ground swimming pool with a walkway will solve the problem above. Besides, a walkway is going to make your swimming pool look much more inviting. Use the mulch or stones to create the walkway. Then consider shrubs or timber for the walkway border.

4. Landscaping Around Above Ground Swimming Pool With The Right Deck

Deck is an essential part of your swimming pool landscape. But don’t let the deck stand alone since it will look weird around your swimming pool. Consider planting some big potted plants around the walls of your swimming pool decking.

Some big trees can also be a nice ornament for your gorgeous swimming pool. Some lattice right behind your swimming pool wall and vine plants that are intertwined with each other will provide the pool with a tropical look.

5. Landscaping Around Above Ground Pools With Lighting

Lighting is the most precious item to decorate your above the ground pool, it will create a perfect touch to your private pool. Drop several led lights right along the walkway. Then hung some bulbs on the trees or shrubs around the pool. Consider adding pod lights into your decking floor.

However, you need to keep the lighting away from the water. Everyone wants to swim safely and comfortably. The lighting that is too close to the landscaping around above ground pools will bother the swimmer’s sights and may put them in danger too. If there is no budget for this, you can skip this rule.