Living Room Feng Shui

Why do you need to make sure that your living room feng shui is good? One reason is because it is where you will gather with family and friends. Good feng shui is going to welcome the entire people who enter your home.

Living room feng shui will also give your room the positive and balanced energy that is important for the wellbeing of your family. The main room in your home may be the bedroom and bathroom. But you still need to make sure that the room has good feng shui as well. Here some option from Iki Sae.

feng shui paintings for living room

Living Room Feng Shui

There are some steps to help you spread good feng shui to your room. Most of them involve balancing all elements in your living room and decluttering. Below are the entire steps you must do to get good living room feng shui.

1. Keep Your Living Room Clear

The first step in creating a good feng shui living room layout is clearing the room. It is extremely important to keep your living room space clear since this room is a public area where people from the outside, like your best friends, can enter and stay for a while.

There are so many techniques available to choose to help you keep the living room space clear. For example you can try smudging or diffusing the essential oils or even ringing the bells. Pick any technique that makes you comfortable the most.

2. Air Your Living Room Out

Another way to keep your feng shui living room layout clear is by opening up the entire windows for at least nine minutes a day. Why nine minutes? In feng shui, nine is a number that is most auspicious. Airing out your living room will allow the stale and old energy to get out of the room.

Then there will be some room for the new energy. While opening the windows, make sure you clean your windows at once. Use water and plain vinegar to clean the windows or glass cleaner that is non-toxic.

3. Combining The Five Crucial Elements

If you are trying to get good feng shui paintings for living room, you need to balance the five important elements. These five elements are earth, water, metal, fire, and wood. Make sure your living room has the entire five elements.

For example, decorate your living room walls with paintings that have square and flat shapes with the earth colors like yellow, orange, and brown. Or you may want feng shui paintings for living room that have a fire element. The fire paintings must have triangular shape, red colors, and fiery character.

4. Feng Shui Sofa Placement and Numbers

How many people live in the house? Do you have pets like dogs or cats that will use the living room as well? The answer of those questions will help you decide the feng shui sofa placement since you must make space for every inhabitant in your home, including your kids and pets.

Living room is one of special spaces in your home that will be shared. Make sure you place enough and comfortable seats for every family member. Everybody at home must feel accommodated and welcome. Make sure that your sofa and other furniture provide a perfect spot for interaction and conversation.

5. Living Room Feng Shui With Living Plants

The living plants and their fresh green color will bring the life energy into the living room. Besides, plants will be the simplest way to decorate the living room. Make sure your living plants get enough water, space, and light so they can keep bringing the positive energy and enliven your beautiful living room.