Living Room Lighting

Living room is a unique room where many activities can be done. You can entertain your family and friends, relax your feet, curl up while reading your favorite novel, and do anything else in the living room. Choosing the right living room lighting is totally important so you will do things comfortably in there.

Many types of lighting are available for your living room. Before ordering or purchasing any of them, you need to understand the different living room lighting types you can use in the living room. Then you will figure out which type is necessary from this Iki Sae version.

ceiling lights for living room

Living Room Lighting

Various types of lamps for the living room come in different roles. You must find one that the role meets your needs. If you love reading in the living room, you need to find one that is enough to help you see the words. Below are some living room lamps you better know.

1. Living Room Task Lighting

The best light for a living room you use to relax and read the best books is the task light. If there is TV in your living room and your loved ones spend their time watching movies, you must pick light type that won’t cause glare and hurt the watchers’ eyes.

The glare may come from assorted lighting sources such as table lamps without shade, windows, and downlights that are pointing at your screen. Make sure you position your living room lamps and the TV carefully so there will be no light that shines directly to the TV screen.

2. Living Room Accent Lighting

Then there is accent lighting for the living room. This kind of lighting is the best option to highlight your architectural features and artwork inside the living room. Adjustable recessed living room light fixtures will be a wonderful option.

Consider installing the recessed ceiling lights for living room at the 30 degree angle. The ideal height for this lighting will be 8 feet above the floor and 2 feet away from your living room wall. But if your ceiling doesn’t have the ideal height, consider monorail lighting that is practical and stylish at once.

3. Living Room Spotlight

The next type of light you want to use in an extremely artistic living room is the uplights or spotlights as the ceiling lights for living room. The spotlights mounted on the ceiling will not only highlight the ornaments you hang on the wall but also become a unique ornament for the room.

4. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is one of living room lighting types that will fill in any gaps while setting the mood at once. Ambient lighting can be done in so many ways. Recessed downlights, ambient table lamps, and floor lamps will create full illumination to your living room.

You can even use the portable lamps that offer the localized light pools right at your eye level. This kind of lighting is going to flatter the faces and create a more relaxed but intimate social atmosphere. Ambient light is one of must have living room light fixtures if you use the room to entertain people.

5. High Technology Features

So many lighting fixtures for living rooms today come with high technology features, such as warm dim, tunable white, and so on. The warm dim technology allows your LED lamps to dim down and get warmer color temperature.

Tunable white technology will give you the total brightness control, hue, and color temperature at once. All of them will be easy to control by tapping an app or a button. Consider lighting with those brilliant technologies to keep everyone comfortable in the room.