Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern farmhouse is an incredibly popular architectural style in recent years. Characterized by neutral hues and clean lines, modern farmhouse decor has its own charm and aesthetic.

Do you plan to add this style to your living space? Iki Sae team already do a mini research to write this modern farmhouse decor ideas. Get to know several elements that compose a fascinating modern farmhouse below.

rustic farmhouse style home decor

Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern farmhouse has distinguishing features that add a visual interest to your interior. Here are key elements to consider when decorating a modern farmhouse.

1. Shiplap Wall : Best Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Modern farmhouse interior often has shiplap wall. This wall treatment provides you with a clean and attractive visual interest while keeping the interior simple.

White paint is often selected to make a modern statement. You can also paint the shiplap wall black or leave it unpainted for a rustic look.

Fresh white or rustic shiplap wall easily blends with other elements. The good news is that it can be combined with other styles, such as industrial or rustic farmhouse style home decor.

But be careful! While clean lines of shiplap wall matches modern farmhouse style, wear and tear can transform your farmhouse interior into shabby chic style.

2. Exposed Beam

Just as with modern country style, exposed beam is an essential element in modern farmhouse decor. Not only does it provide support, it also adds visual attraction to the interior.

Exposed beams are suitable for rooms with low ceiling. Either painted in white or left untouched, these beams accentuate a modern farmhouse style.

There are so many farmhouse design ideas with exposed beams to choose from. Whichever your choice, make sure it suits your interior design.

3. Cement Tile

Cement tiles are essential elements in modern farmhouse. Patterned tiles has an old feeling but when it comes in black and white can evoke modern nuance.

It is good to know what cement tiles are suitable for any rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. It can also be a perfect choice for laundry rooms.

Combine black and white patterned cement tiles with white shiplap wall treatment. Or, it can also come together with rustic shiplap wall or ceiling.

Not only is it visually attractive, cement tile is also durable and easy to maintain.

4. Concrete Flooring

Do you wish to keep your modern farmhouse interior simple?  Opt for concrete flooring rather than patterned cement tiles. This flooring idea looks nice but quite easy to create.

On top of that, concrete flooring lends a modern-industrial feel to your interior. If you don’t mind combining modern farmhouse decor with other architectural style, this element should be present.

As a bonus, this flooring idea makes your room visually larger. So, it can be a perfect choice for a room with narrow space.

5. Exposed Brick and Stone : Good Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Exposed bricks are commonly present in farmhouse design ideas. This wall treatment adds a warm and modern feel, not to mention it evokes a strong sense of farmhouse style.

While exposed bricks are often found indoor, exposed stones are commonly used outdoor. It works well to take your outdoor space to the next level.

You can either paint the bricks and stones white or black. But if you wish to leave them unpainted, it is a shortcut to a rustic farmhouse style home décor.

6. Industrial Lighting

Lighting is an essential element to set a certain vibe in any interior. In terms of lighting for farmhouse, nothing is better than industrial lighting.

A metal dome light or iron lantern adds a modern farmhouse feel. Wrought iron hanging light can also be a great idea to complement your interior.

However, light fixture with rustic or modern style also works well to enhance your modern farmhouse decor. You may choose a crystal pendant or rustic hanging light to add a visual interest.