If you have an organization or business that needs to communicate with your customers, you probably need a virtual phone number service. There are many platforms like that, one of them is Nexmo. Here, we will tell you what Nexmo is, its pros and cons and the Tutorial NEXMO SMS for number management and payment.

Compared to phone numbers from telecommunication providers, virtual phone numbers from Nexmo are relatively cheaper, a lot more manageable, and with little to no hassle. Not to mention they are programmable too. Alright, now let’s get to know about Nexmo.


Tutorial NEXMO SMS

1. What Is It NEXMO SMS?

Before going to Tutorial NEXMO, let’s get to know what Nexmo is first. It is an API platform made by Vonage which not just develops but also markets communication APIs. The main core business of Nexmo is to allow businesses to improve their communication with their customers. Among many of its services is virtual numbers renting, which includes SMS feature.

2. Nexmo Pricing SMS

When it comes to NEXMO pricing sms for virtual numbers, it seems Nexmo charges users differently based on where they live. For example, sending and receiving messages in the U.S. cost about USD 0.0069/message and 0.0064/message, respectively. In Germany, the costs are USD 0.0836/message for sending and USD 0.0064/message for receiving.

What about renting cost? The price variation also applies to the cost of renting a virtual phone number as well. According to Nexmo’s price list, renting a virtual number for SMS costs USD 1/month in the U.S. and costs USD 27.84/month in Germany.

3. Pros

When it comes to virtual phone numbers, Nexmo has many pros. First and foremost, it has phone numbers in over 80 countries. This means that your organization can communicate with a local identity, which means better reach, more markets and ultimately, better engagement.

The next pros is about time provisioning. With Nexmo, you will be able to do very quickly and only pay for what you see. No hassle and expensive costs, unlike many telecom carriers.  Despite its relatively inexpensive costs, Nexmo test numbers to preserve the quality of its virtual phone numbers.

Simplified programming is also another appeal of Nexmo. For business alike, adding communication features to apps is made simpler (like Nexmo Laravel send SMS, for example). All of Nexmo’s platform features are accessible via API, thus allowing communications to be done in a quick and cost-effective manner.

4. Cons

What about the cons? One of the cons of Nexmo is that, while the company offers service to use virtual numbers, it doesn’t allow usage for identity verification. According to Nexmo Acceptable Usage Policy, any user who repeatedly attempts to use Nexmo virtual number for identity verification purposes will be suspended. Yes, you can’t receive SMS verification online Singapore or receive sms Online Australia.

The restriction applies not just for apps identity verification like on Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the likes, but also to financial institutions as well. This should discourage you from using a fake phone number for verification Malaysia or receive sms Online USA as if you attempt to do so your account will be suspended. As a result, potentially losing the money you pay for the service

Another cons of Nexmo virtual number is the availability of the virtual number. In some countries, the virtual number is available via the Dashboard, which means you can get it easily. On the others hand, the virtual number is only available through request and there is no certainty that you will get one. In some cases, virtual numbers do require address too.

B. Number Management

Let’s start our Tutorial NEXMO with number management. So, how do you rent numbers? How do you configure and manage them?

1. How to Rent

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the left part of the navigation menu. Click ‘Numbers’ then select ‘Buy numbers’
  3. Select the attributes that you need. Click ‘Search’
  4. Find the numbers you want and click ‘Buy’ then validate the purchase
  5. The virtual number should be listed in ‘Your numbers’ now
  6. Note: if there is no credit in your account, the virtual numbers you have will be released

2. How to Configure and Manage

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the left part of the navigation menu. Click ‘Numbers’ then select ‘Your numbers’
  3. Find the number that you want to configure and manage. Click the gear icon
  4. Configure the number as you needed. Finish by clicking ‘OK’Payment
  5. The next in our Tutorial NEXMO is about payment. Below are the steps to add and delete a payment method and set auto reload to your account balance

3. Adding a Payment Method

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the left part of the navigation menu., click ‘Billing & payments’
  3. Click ‘Upgrade account’
  4. Select the payment method you want. Complete the billing address details and click ‘Next’
  5. Complete the required details and click ‘Make payment’

4. Enabling Auto Reload

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the left part of the navigation menu., click ‘Billing & payments’
  3. Set the ‘Auto reload’ option to ‘ON’
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the payment method that you have saved, the amount to top up the account, and set the threshold
  5. The last step in this Tutorial NEXMO is to click ‘Save’