Office Cleaning Checklist

Office cleaning checklist will be more effective if you categorize the list into a daily checklist, weekly checklist, and monthly checklist. This will help you prioritize the tasks by the location of your office. Preparing the checklist will also help you find what kind of cleaning service you need.

Different office sizes will require different office cleaning checklist. The bigger the office the more complete checklist is required. Below you are going to see the office cleaning duties list for middle sized offices. You may need to adjust the list if you own a smaller or bigger office. Here some list to include from Iki Sae.

commercial office cleaning schedule template

Office Cleaning Checklist

About the daily checklist, you may have to perform some task twice if your office is bigger. But if your office is smaller, the daily tasks can be moved to the weekly list.

1. Daily Cleaning Checklist for Lobby, Workspace, and Reception Areas

Daily cleaning checklist for the office will cover assorted areas including the lobby or reception, workspaces like cubicles or offices, kitchen area or break room, and the washrooms. Here is the daily office cleaning duties list:

  • Vacuum the debris from the entire floor areas, including the tile.
  • Disinfectant mopping the tiled and hard floor areas.
  • Empty all the waste bins. You can also wash them if necessary then add new liners.
  • Wipe down the entire glass areas by using the glass cleaner.
  • Use the mild disinfectant to damp wipe the entire hard surfaces.
  • Clean the painted surfaces and walls.
  • Wipe down the baseboards, door handles, and light switches.

2. Commercial Cleaning for The Wash Rooms and Break Rooms

Now for the wash rooms, kitchen area, and break rooms, the daily tasks to do are including these duties:

  • Empty all waste bins, wash them, and add the new liners.
  • Wipe down the hard surfaces and disinfectant mopping them all.
  • Clean and sanitize the fixtures, doors, toilets, and all basins in the wash rooms.
  • Refill the soap dispensers.
  • Wipe down the entire reflective surfaces such as glass, brass, and mirrors.
  • Use the spray disinfectants to clean the surfaces such as appliances, sinks, doors, and toilets.

3. Weekly Commercial Cleaning Checklist

This weekly checklist includes the deep cleaning tasks to create a healthier environment for the guests and employees of your office.

  • Buff and polish all surfaces made of hardwood including the conference tables and floors.
  • Empty the refrigerator where the employees keep their food. Clean it and disinfect it.
  • Squeegee your glass windows, outside and inside.
  • Empty the entire trash receptacles and disinfect them. Then complete them with new liners.

4. Monthly Schedule Template

Unlike the previous lists, this monthly office cleaning checklist is shorter since this task is limited to the items that you may have neglected but won’t endanger the safety and health of your office population. Here are what to do in the monthly cleaning:

  • Vacuum the fabric chairs. If necessary, you can also clean them to keep your employees healthy.
  • Vacuum the entire vents.
  • Dust all the high surfaces, do it from the top to bottom.
  • Deep clean and vacuum the clean surface areas.

5. Download The Office Cleaning Schedule Template

Downloading and using an office cleaning checklist for daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning will keep your workplace healthy and happy. Follow the entire lists shown on the template to keep everything clean. Both employees and clients will benefit from the cleaner environment.

It is extremely crucial to disinfect the surfaces in order to reduce any chance of spread of the flu and cold viruses. This also helps reduce the downtime for your employees. Make sure you find the right cleaning template that fits the size of your office. It helps you clean the office properly and thoroughly.