Office Lighting Ideas

Working from home should be a fun activity to do. One thing that will also define the productivity of working from home is the office lighting ideas. Poor lighting will reduce the energy you have, produce the headaches and eyestrain, dampen your mood, and impair your desire to work effectively.

Natural light is important but home office lighting ideas design is also crucial, especially if you often work after the sunset. Ambient lighting and recessed lights are not enough for a home office. Ambient lightings are not designed for your home office’s functional lighting. Here some optional lighting from Iki Sae.

home office ceiling lighting ideas

Office Lighting Ideas

When considering the best lighting for your home office, make sure you consider these 5 crucial points so you’ll find the best lighting for the working space.

1. Keep Your Home Office Lighting Design Indirect

You should never work under the overhead lights’ direct glare. Try to find some ways to diffuse your ambient light especially the one that is going to illuminate the working space. Lampshades will soften the harsh light. The upward shining floor lamp will bounce the light off of the ceilings and walls.

When choosing the home office ceiling lighting ideas, keep in mind that your goal is illuminating all working spaces without getting undue contrast and glare and avoid casting shadows.

2. Create Quality Task Lighting

Focus intensive tasks like the paperwork and computer work, home office ceiling lighting ideas that are well defined and dedicated to the task are important. Consider choosing an articulated or adjustable desk lamp that will put the light where you really need to support assorted tasks.

If the home office you own has multiple workstations, like a desk for phone and computer work, the filing area, a table to review the layouts and photos, and some other desks, every working station is going to need dedicated task lighting.

3. Pick Home Office Light Fixture Ideas That Eliminate Shadows and Glare

Where will you put the lighting in your home office? Light source you place behind you will create the annoying glare when you work on the computer. You must also check the shadows that may be created by the task lighting.

If the task lighting is placed on your right side and you write using your right hand, the lamp may create annoying shadows. Don’t forget to consider the windows location. If the windows are behind you, the natural light will bother you while working on the computer.

4. Use The Natural Lights Instead of Home Office Light Fixture Ideas

Natural light comes from the skylight, window, and the other portals will really help you create a better working environment. Sunlight will produce warm office lighting ideas and improve your working environment.

But you need to know that direct sunlight will create overwhelming glare that bothers you in the daytime. You will need the natural light next to or in front of your computer screens and working surfaces to avoid the glare while maximizing the outside views.

5. Decorative

If you are done choosing the best functional lighting types including the ambient lighting and task lighting, you need accent lighting that is decorative. The presence of decorative lighting will improve your home office’s visual character. What kind of accent lighting do you need in the home office?

Consider some awesome accent lightings like picture lights or mantel lights. They will draw attention to some amazing elements you place in the home office. Decorative lightings like wall sconces will also provide the direct visual appeal.

Find the best spots to place those accent lightings and make sure your decorative lightings can’t bother you when you work in the room.