Outdoor Sink Ideas

Your garden and outdoor kitchen deserves stylish outdoor sink ideas that will make your wonderful exterior look more stunning. Besides, an outdoor sink will ease you to clean your hands, wash veggies, or fill your water jug without leaving the garden.

There are many garden sink ideas from Iki Sae you can use to make the garden look more beautiful and to ease you in doing many things outside. There are stone basins, French basin for your vintage exterior, chrome taps that are seek and modern, and many more options.

garden Outdoor kitchen sink ideas

Outdoor Sink Ideas

All sinks come in different design and style so you can get one that really matches your garden style or outdoor kitchen style. Some outside sink ideas below will help you make the right decision.

1. Cladding and Concrete Combination

Concrete will give an industrial look to your exterior. Concrete is also a tough material to create an outdoor sink. Concrete sink that is combined with wooden cladding has a softer display. When choosing the tap for the sink, pick one that complements your basin background.

Don’t forget to keep the entire plumbing system neat and invisible. If possible, complete your outdoor sink with shelves where you can store the garden needs and pots. Your outdoor sink area will be more beautiful with pendant light with a caged bulb.

2. Garden Sink Ideas With Chic Backsplash

Outdoor sink usually is not as big as the indoor one, so you won’t need to use many tiles to create backsplash for your garden sink. Simply add tiled backsplash to make your garden sink look more personal. Consider geometric and bold tile design if your garden has modern style.

For Mediterranean style garden, Moroccan tile for backsplash will be amazing. But if your garden has a traditional look, you will love white and blue tiles that are always perfect for traditional gardens. Use a butler sink that has a classic look to perfect the style of your outdoor garden.

3. Sleek Worktop With The Right Outdoor Kitchen Sink Ideas

Worktop that is stylish and sleek is the best thing for your outdoor kitchen. This worktop requires a garden sink that has cohesive finish and will look perfect with the surroundings. There are outdoor kitchen sink ideas made of Norwegian stone that is resistant to stains, fading, heat, and even weather damage.

Those sinks are also very easy to maintain and clean. Tuck away some rope and wicker baskets underneath the sink so that you will have fabulous outdoor storage to keep all the clutter away.

4. Classic Outdoor Areas With Round and White Basin

If your indoor space has a modern interior and you want the same style outside, your outdoor kitchen area must get a classic basin with round shape and white color. This basin has simple design but you can complete it with stone surroundings to add more beauty to the garden.

And don’t forget the mirror to complement your classic sink. Outside sink ideas with potted plants around the sink will add charms to your exterior.

5. Wall Mounted Copper Colored Outdoor Sink Ideas

If there is a blank wall outside your house, use it as your canvas. Add something that can live up your exterior wall. For example, consider mounting an outdoor sink that has the color of copper, it can be made of any material you desire. Then you can grow some leafy climbers to beautify the blank wall.

Small sized copper sink that is completed with the metal details in black will make your outdoor kitchen or garden look more alive when they meet the adorable plants around them. Soap rack with vintage style as well as some antique jugs will complete the outdoor sink ideas.