Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Small garden space and limited time won’t be a big problem to start gardening. Check out so many raised garden bed ideas and start your own raised bed. There are some reasons why a raised garden bed is a brilliant gardening idea.

First, with a raised garden bed ideas you can garden anywhere. Stunning raised beds made of cedar wood will beautify your landscape design. Simply create the perimeter gardens and spice up the entryway and you’ll get a gorgeous landscape. And don’t forget to check out the rules below from Iki Sae.

inexpensive raised bed garden designs

Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Raised garden beds will also allow your plants to get better soil. You can start gardening with a raised bed and fill it with an ideal soil blend that may be much better than your garden soil. Now before you start, these are some crucial things to know:

1. Choose The Right Bed for Raised Flower Bed Ideas

Raised beds can be made of assorted materials. You can use the corner kits made of aluminum that are not including the lumber. There are also complete kits with cedar wood, galvanized steel, recycled plastic, or composite wood.

The height of raised flower bed ideas starts from 6 inches. The higher the raised garden bed, the deeper soil will be used, and the freer the roots of your plants will grow. Those beds with more soils will hold more moisture so you don’t have to water the plant frequently.

2. Decide The Location for Your Raised Vegetable Garden Ideas

Most vegetables need eight hours of sunlight every day for optimum productivity and health. Find the sunniest spot in your yard to place the garden bed. Don’t grow your plant in wet and low areas where your soil may get soggy.

Prepare the areas by removing the perennial weeds or grass. Loosen your garden’s native soil by using a shovel or garden fork until it reaches the depth of 6 to 10 inches. Doing this will help your raised vegetable garden ideas to get moisture retention and improved drainage.

3. Determine The Plants to Grow

Fill the garden beds with any vegetable you want to eat. If you love salads, consider planting carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce. And if you really love cooking, grow leeks, peppers and onions, herbs and potatoes. Grow one or two new veggies between them.

When growing the vegetables, make sure you avoid overcrowded in the raised garden bed ideas. Overcrowded plants never reach the full potential since they are all stressed by the competition for root space, nutrients, and water. The air circulation will be poor and it is not good for the health of your plants.

4. Know The Best Time to Start Planting

When deciding the best planting time, you must consider the plant type you’ll grow. Some plants like broccoli and lettuce will tolerate the cool weather. But the others like tomatoes and basils will die if the temperature is less than 40 degrees. Make sure you understand the plants to know when to start.

5. Water The Plants in Your Inexpensive Raised Bed Garden Designs

What kind of soil type do you use? Different soil types have different abilities to hold the water. Clay based soil will hold onto the water since every little clay particle comes with an assorted surface area that the water can get in.

Sandy soil in your inexpensive raised bed garden designs has bigger particles. This kind of soil will let the water pass through more quickly. Consider using loamy soil that is good in retaining the moisture. This kind of soil is well drained as well, perfect for your garden.