Receive SMS Online China

Phone number is essential in most online registration nowadays. If you stay in China and you are not comfortable to share your personal number then you can opt to receive SMS online China.

This is a brilliant solution to proceed the registration without unveiling your personal identity. Luckily, some websites offer temporary phone number China to help you out.

Receive SMS Online China

When you scour the internet for disposable number websites, chances are you end up being overwhelmed. If you need a reference then take a closer look at following list.

1 Quackr

This disposable number provider has helped millions of users to activate their account. All numbers available on their website can be used on various platforms such as Telegram, Tinder, and Gmail.

Not only do these temporary numbers keep your privacy, they are also useful to prevent your real number from being spammed. Another benefit is that your personal number won’t leak on the internet.

The cloud-based platform offers reliable and transparent service. All incoming messages are displayed in real time—all it takes is just a click to view. No page refresh is needed.

For your security and convenience, all messages received in their numbers will be deleted after 24 hours. Not to mention registration and sign up is not required so you don’t need to provide your info.

If you need a Chinese number receive SMS then Quackr is worth the thought. Simply choose a number from the list and use it when asked. Click Select to view your messages.

2 5SIM

This is another platform to receive SMS online China without hassle. 5SIM has been around for a while and it has been used by million users from different countries to verify their accounts.

How to use 5SIM is really easy. Go to their website and choose your country. Select a platform you want to register and click Buy to purchase a new disposable number.

Their SMS service provides you with temporary phone number China for account registration. Without having to change a device or use your personal number, signup made simple with 5SIM.

There are several key benefits offered by this platform, such as secured personal mobile number and easier account registration. You can also stop SMS spam or data leak on the internet.


Built with convenience in mind, this is a simple, easy to use platform to receive SMS online China. Without the need for account registration, you can find phone different numbers to choose from.

A long list of Chinese number receive SMS helps you sign up without using your real phone number. With just a click, you can select a number and receive SMS online.

New messages typically arrive in 30 seconds. If you don’t get the new message, you may need to refresh the page and see if new message is retrieved.

It is important to note that these numbers are shared with many other users so they can read your messages. Whenever you get a Chinese number OTP, be sure it is not a confidential message.


Get your SMS verification with this disposable number platform. Providing you with a long list of active phone numbers, you can choose a number as you want and receive SMS online China.

The best part of this platform is that it doesn’t require signup or registration. That means you don’t need to expose your personal details on the internet.

Use these numbers anytime on any platforms like Facebook, Telegram, and many more. As long as you are connected to the internet, you’ll be safe.

Please note that their service is available for everyone so your messages can be seen by others. Use a Chinese number OTP for verification only to avoid data loss.