Receive SMS Online Korea

Do you know that you can receive SMS online? If you live in Korea and need to receive SMS without using your personal number then visit some sites to receive SMS online Korea.

These sites are specifically designed to provide you with virtual numbers. Select a number and use it to receive SMS, either verification or OTP. What sites are available on the internet?

Receive SMS Online Korea

There are several options when it comes to Korean SMS online sites. If you need a good reference to decide, read on and choose a website that meets your preference.


This is one of the most popular sites to receive SMS online. It provides a list of fake Korean phone number for SMS verification so your real number remains private.

All temporary phone numbers available on this website are free of charge. All you need to do is select a number and use it to receive SMS messages anonymously.

Please note that these mobile numbers are shared with other visitors. Be sure not to receive important SMS for other visitors can view it.

How to receive SMS online Korea from this website is completely simple. Go the website and choose a desired number from the list. Use it whenever you need it.

Click the number to view your message. Be mindful as you will find many other messages of other visitors.

2 Quackr

You can count on Quackr to get Korean phone number for SMS verification. As more social networks and websites ask phone number for verification, fake phone number can save your personal details.

Quackr provides you with active numbers to receive SMS online. This service is suitable for OTP verification or SMS verifications on various platforms like Telegram, Gmail, or Tinder.

The cloud-based platform allows reliable service with real-time messages. You don’t necessarily need to refresh page to view incoming messages—it typically takes 8 seconds to receive your message.

How to get fake Korean phone number for verification is completely simple. Select a number available on the website and you will be able to view messages by clicking the number.

It’s important to note that each number receive SMS online Korea not only for you but also other visitors. Be sure not to receive confidential messages.

3 Spoof Box

Spoof Box is available to receive text messages both online and offline. You will need to choose Virtual Phone to be able to send and receive text in web browser.

With this website you can obtain fake Korean phone number for verification in few easy steps. Simply create an account and get instant access to your virtual phone.

Best of all, all features are available for free. Whether you want to make and receive calls or send and receive text messages, this website has got you covered.

And if you wish to get free virtual mobile number for SMS verification Korea then Spoof Box has Virtual Number feature to take into account.


Find a number to receive SMS online Korea and proceed your signup or registration. Many people have used this website to get their fake number and now it could be your turn.

A new active number is available each day. Simply copy the phone number and use it to receive SMS verification upon registration. This way, you don’t necessarily need to provide your real mobile number.

Since it only provides a single number, you will have to share with many other visitors. Your messages will be displayed on the page so be sure you don’t receive important messages.

What if you don’t receive any message? Click Update Messages button and wait for a while. This free virtual mobile number for SMS verification Korea needs some time to retrieve new messages.