Receive SMS Online USA

The presence of instant messaging apps makes SMS messages a little outdated. But it doesn’t mean text messages are totally abandoned. The conventional messaging method has transformed into SMS online that offers a lot of convenience. If you live in the US and want to receive SMS online USA, there are some websites to opt.

In other words, Today, sending and receiving SMS can be done through internet. Using free online US number for verification, you can easily sign up and register to web services without providing your real phone number. Here are five recommended websites to give you US fake number for verification. Here 5 best website and application to receive sms online USA.

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Receive SMS Online USA

1. is the first web SMS service that enables you to receive SMS online. This platform offers sizable selection of numbers from various countries such as Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, and the USA. Every day, you will be able to find 47 free online US number for verification from 13 different countries.

It is pretty easy to receive SMS online USA using No registration is required so that you can use the virtual numbers for free. To benefit from this platform, simply open the website then click the country and choose the phone number. Select Read received SMS and you will be able to read the messages sent to the number.

For instance using the fake US number generator for SMS verification, you can receive SMS online. This helps you sign up to social network or join web services that require phone number. No need to worry about privacy as the phone numbers are temporary.

2.      Freephonenum : Best Receive SMS Online USA

Freephonenum is among the best web SMS services in the United States and Canada. Every day, temporary numbers online are available. You can benefit from the disposable numbers for various purposes, including to receive SMS online USA and to forward calls.

The idea of disposable free online US number for verification helps keep your privacy and security. provides you with temporary numbers so that you don’t need to use real phone number for signup or web service registration. It can also be used for testing purposes.

Aside from free SMS receive USA, enables you to send SMS online using the generated numbers. Fortunately, this feature is available in US and Canada only. More importantly, does not cost you a dime to use their numbers.


Receive SMS online USA is getting easier with SMS Receive Free. This web SMS service offers fake US number generator for SMS verification, allowing you to register or verify without using the real phone number. As the name suggests, SMS Receive Free is absolutely free. The website provides US fake number for verification which will be discard after 7 days.

However, Not only can you get free SMS receive USA, enables you to send as many messages as you like. This allows you to send and receive any messages without purchasing a new SIM card. The practicality that you get makes this web service worth considering.

Above all, SMS Receive Free ensures your security. Signing up and registering to specific web services are no longer frustrating as you have a US fake number for verification to use. With temporary SMS messages, you don’t need to worry about privacy issues.


Get your fake US number generator for SMS verification on Freeje. Delivering a handful of features, Freeje is among the best web SMS services to try. You can easily download Freeje application for free on Google Play and App Store.

There are a wide array of advantages offered by Freeje. This application offers online support, be it live chat and messengers. This feature enables you to communicate easily with clients or customers. But if you want to focus on its virtual number feature, Freeje provides a wide selection of US numbers for SMS verification from many countries.

The fake number can be use to grow your business as well as free SMS receive USA. Different online-services enable you to enjoy the application at its best. Now that you already have virtual number for SMS, you can say goodbye to a new SIM.


GetFreeSMSNumber is there to offer a sizable selection of virtual numbers. This web service provides you with temporary US numbers for SMS verification, letting you complete the signup and registration without purchasing a new SIM. You can safely use the personal number, at the same time get rid of unwanted person you don’t know.

Just like any other number generators, GetFreeSMSNumber can be used for verification or receive SMS. If you want to listen to the voice mails, this phone number will work well. Some people worry about the security issue. Thankfully, the temporary numbers are only available for a month or a little more.

In conclusion if you need US numbers for SMS verification for personal reason, GetFreeSMSNumber could be it. The web service doesn’t charge any cost for your convenience.