Scandinavian Living Room

Among huge numbers of living room interior styles, there is Scandinavian living room that comes with a timeless look. This style also fits the aesthetic contemporary design. If you are trying to redecorate your beautiful living room, you need to consider Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian living room style is always identical with minimalism. Everything uncomplicated, simple, and pure will define Scandinavian style. The minimalism must be reflected in the furnishings, finishes, materials, and colors. Are you ready to bring Scandinavian style to your own living room? Here some option from Iki Sae.

scandi scandinavian style living room

Scandinavian Living Room

There are principles to follow in order to bring the Scandinavian design into your interior. Follow them and create a calming, practical, and beautiful Scandi interior in the living room. Below are 5 Scandinavian design principles you must know before you start decorating.

1. Minimalist : Specific Scandinavian Living Room Character

Scandi living room style emphasizes the open, light, and bright spaces. The room must get enough room to breathe and move within the furniture. Evoke the sense of capacity and calm by adding some visual elements such as white space and clean lines.

Decluttering the living room is the very first step you must do. However, don’t go super minimalist. You don’t want it too little or too much. How to do it? By using the color and pattern sparingly, for example in the accents and rugs.

2. Prior the Quality

Scandi tradition told us to invest in multipurpose, high quality, or some practical pieces to decorate the Scandi living room. The Scandinavian light fixtures, furniture, and functional items must come with a striking and modern look, but still simple instead of overly ornate.

For example, when you are looking for furniture to decorate the room, try something that has storage. Coffee tables with storage under the table top will decorate the room while hiding the clutter from your guests’ eyes.

3. Complete the Nordic Style Living Room with Naturals

Scandinavian people love to spend their time outside, to appreciate nature. They also bring nature inside and make their home look awesome with the presence of nature. You too can honor nature by bringing in the natural elements into your Scandinavian living room.

Bright and light woods, house plants, and sculptural pieces inspired by nature will make your Nordic style living room look awesome. Natural upholstery and textiles such as mohair, wool, linen, sheepskin, burlap, and jute will also create a powerful Scandinavian style inside your home.

4. Pops of Color

When choosing the color, consider the nature palette.  For example, choose the color of wood, stone, and earth as the main option. Then add some pops of bright color. Neutrals are simple but sophisticated. Apply a lighter version on the walls to give lightness to your Scandinavian living room.

White on the walls, ceiling, and floor are excellent. The presence of maroon rug on the floor, red and white polka dot curtain covering the window, and green from the living plants will enliven your Scandinavian interior. Make sure the bold and bright colors are applied only on the smaller accents.

5. Use Contrast to Perfect Your Scandinavian Style Living Room

Just like the other interior design, Scandinavian designs also rely on contrast. You can apply contrast to many elements, including mood, texture, size, and shape. Try to contrast the dark and light neutrals instead of contrasting the bright colors.

Or you can contrast the new and old pieces or natural and abstract elements. Contrasting flashes and neutral of colors or wavy and straight of patterns will also make Scandinavian style living room looks unique. You can heighten the room look by contrasting the foundational pieces, like the walls or furniture.