Shelf above Washer and Dryer

Laundry room is a small space that requires excellent organization. Well organized laundry room with shelf above washer and dryer will make you love doing your task in there. Besides, great shelving will help organize things so you can find the stuff you need extremely easily.

There are many things that will help you ease your load and do the laundry. Here, you are going to see some of those things and how to get your own DIY laundry room shelf above washer and dryer to keep everything in this small room organized from Iki Sae.

floating Diy laundry room shelf over washer dryer

Shelf above Washer and Dryer

Organizing a laundry room may be the most boring thing to do. But doing it before you start doing the laundry will surprisingly make you enjoy working with the laundry. Check out some DIY laundry room shelf over washer dryer ideas here and find the best one for your own laundry room.

1. The Streamlined Laundry Room

If you really want everything you need to care for and clean your clothes in one space, you need to gather the entire kits and fit them all in a little room. It is a huge problem. But you still can handle it properly. Put the kits to help you repair some clothes, care for the shoes, and remove the stains above your washer.

Make sure those kits and the clothing storage are on your lowest shelf so you can reach them easily. Don’t forget to prepare a catchall to hold your popped buttons, loose change, and the other things you find in the pockets. Place the powder detergent inside glass a container to see if you’re running out of it.

2. Keep Your Folded Linens Organized

Clean linens usually sit in the laundry room before you move them to where they belong. If you often place them above the washer or dryer, you need to complete your floating shelf over washer and dryer with shelf brackets that you flip and mount on the heads.

The shelf brackets will give you divided spaces to place different types of linens. Those brackets will also help make the linens stay organized instead of falling on the other linens.

3. Choose The Best Materials

Choosing the best material for floating shelf over washer and dryer is extremely important. Consider using wire shelving that is adjustable, waterproof, and convenient. Wood is allowed in this room but use wooden boxes only to store supplies.

Tension rods will help you hang the clothes and help them dry much faster. If you have an ironing board, make sure it gets a safe place in the laundry room and is not exposed to the water.

4. Build a Laundry Closet That is Adjustable

It is called adjustable since it can be positioned over washer dryer and to fit your closet’s contents. You can use the center shelves of this closet to accommodate the folded clothes. Then use the top part of the closet to hold collapsible bags. Then the lowest part of the closet can be used for your laundry.

5. Stylish Canvas Bags Over Washer Dryer Shelf

The shelf above washer and dryer is an ideal place for everything, including canvas bags to hold the clothes. Prepare at least 2 big sized stylish canvas bags and place them on the shelf. Use one of them for your laundry and another one for the dry cleaning.

Sorting the clothes will ease you to do the laundry more quickly. Consider adding luggage tags that will help everyone know where they should place their dirty clothes. This shelf above washer and dryer idea is not only helpful for a small laundry room but will also make your room look more stunning.