Nowadays, verification is almost mandatory. That’s right. Whether you are creating an account on Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook or using apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, all require your mobile number just to verify your account. There is no need to worry, though. Here we have tutorial SMSPVA Free that will help you bypass the OTP verification.

We will also tell you about what SMSPVA is, the advantages and disadvantages of using SMSPVA, how to use SMSPVA for Facebook and Google and its account store. Knowing these will be helpful in case you decide to use such a service to bypass OTP verification. Now, let’s get to know about what SMSPVA free is first.


Tutorial SMSPVA Free

A. What Is SMSPVA?

Many online websites offer SMS service for verification and number renting, among them is SMSPVA. When the website is first established, it can only provide numbers from 7 countries. Now, it can provide usable numbers from over 30 countries with various provider options available as well.

The number that a user rents can both send and receive a text. This is why SMSPVA can be used as an alternative for OTP verification, be it Google or Facebook account verification. Using the SMSPVA is easy, as you will see from Tutorial SMSPVA shortly. The service is not free although the rate is inexpensive.

B. Advantages of Using SMSPVA Free

Is SMSPVA free? No, but it is inexpensive. The first advantage is that the rate is relatively inexpensive for the service. While the rate is inexpensive, it offers so many options of country (with over 30 countries), website (Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or app (Tinder, KakaoTalk, OLX, and many more).

The second advantage is that the service is fast. All you need to do is to sign up and create an account, log in, choose the service you want and there you have it. You can set up your account real quick and then use the number to get OTP verification immediately with the number you rent.

C. Disadvantages of Using SMSPVA

As good as it is, the SMSPVA does have its own flaws too. While it has many selections of countries and providers for OTP activation, only a few countries are available for renting numbers. So, service like receive SMS online Singapore is not available, for example. Neither is receive SMS online Malaysia.

D. How to Sign Up

Now that you already get to know a bit about the SMSPVA, let’s move on to tutorial SMSPVA. The following is how you use the service.

  • First, click the Sign Up button on the top right of the websites
  • Then fill all the necessary information on the form. Make sure that you write your username for SMSPVA, your account’s password, and email
  • Next, the website will verify you to ensure that you are not a robot
  • After everything is finished, click Sign Up now button
  • Finally, your SMSPVA account is ready to use SMSPVA Paypal

E. Activation on Website or Apps

How do you use the number to activate your account on a website/apps? Here’s the tutorial SMSPVA to do so

  • First, make sure that you are already logged in your SMSPVA account
  • Register to a website or apps. Depending on the website or apps, you will then have to fill a form with your number on it for verification
  • Put the country code and the number that you use on SMSPVA
  • Then click Submit, Request SMS or any other command that will prompt the website/apps to send verification code to your number
  • Go back to the SMSPVA page and wait
  • After a while, you will receive the activation code on your account
  • Copy the verification code and Submit

F. How to Use SMSPVA Free Number for Facebook

Let’s say that you want to create an account on Facebook. Since Facebook requests OTP verification, you must submit a phone number from which you receive a verification code from Facebook

Here is how to do so.

  • First, log in to your SMSPVA account or register, if you haven’t already
  • You will get a notification about Training Mode. Click OK
  • Then, scroll up or down and select the website/apps that you want to register on that request OTP verification. Since this is a tutorial for Facebook, just select Facebook
  • Wait for a moment. You should get a number that you can use for OTP verification. Copy the number to the Clipboard and click the option to get a code for the number.
  • Go to the Facebook website. Fill any detail necessary to register.
  • Paste your number and click Sign Up
  • You should receive an SMS with the verification code immediately
  • Wait for the code to arrive. Copy the code and enter it on Facebook and your account is set
  • In case you encounter an error, trying the tutorial SMSPVA above, go back to SMSPVA website and look for the full SMS from Facebook that the number you used received