Temporary Phone Number

Are you looking for temporary phone number for Gmail verification or business purpose? While providing your real number can be too risky, Free temporary phone number is a great alternative. For this reason, many people try to find virtual numbers that are not directly connected with telephone line. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Today, finding virtual phone number is a piece of cake. There are sizable selection of websites and applications that provide you with free temporary phone number for verification or authentication purpose. Here, you are about to find out recommended applications and websites to help you. Let’s get to know more this best free temporary phone number!

temporary phone number

Temporary Phone Number

1. Freeje Virtual SIM App : Best Free Temporary Phone Number Application

Have you ever heard Freeje Virtual SIM app? Freeje is a versatile application that provides a free communication service for business or personal use such as temporary phone number for Gmail verification. Freeje comes with virtual SIM card which offers protected phone calls in 100 countries without overpaying. Whether or not you have a regular SIM card of the country, Freeje virtual SIM is what you need.

There are some conditions when Freeje can be your best partner, among which is when you are planning to expand the business to a new city or country. With this virtual SIM, you can create a temporary phone number free as well as accept and make calls through Freeje virtual SIM app. In addition, you don’t need to overpay as it enables you to call without roaming.

To enhance your convenience, Freeje app can be accessed from Android, iOS, and Windows computer. This advantage gives you an easy access to easy communication, even if you only need a temporary SMS number Facebook verification.

2.      Sonetel : Best Free Temporary Phone number Site

Sonetel is another communication solution for your growing business or enterprise. While other sites let you buy temporary phone number, Sonetel lets you get temporary phone number in over 239 countries for free. Whether you need to expand a business to a new country or get in touch with your oversea clients, Sonetel makes everything easier. Thankfully, chat function is available for free.

But if you want to enjoy more features, Sonetel offers their services at affordable price. There are plenty of features provided by this website. You can increase sales by enhancing communication with customers through Sonetel chat function at your website or social media. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence that can give suggestions to answer the customers’ questions.

Furthermore, Sonetel also provides you with free chat widget. Add this widget to your website and increase sales afterwards. Your visitors will find that you have a professional and dedicated website that offers convenience to them. In other words, Sonetel is a solution to mobile marketing you can rely on.

3.      Freephonenum

Freephonenum is another website to provide you with temporary phone number, so you don’t need to buy temporary phone number. When you visit the website, simply choose a number and use for any available services. You can check on the number to see if you receive messages.

Freephonenum allows you to create a temporary phone number free. The disposable numbers are created by the system and it automatically refreshes at a certain period. Once a number is used, it will be disposed and you cannot find it any longer. The free temporary phone number is available in the United States and Canada but can be used to receive messages for many countries.

Aside from text messages, Freephonenum can receive voice mails online. All services provided by this website are free, thus you can enjoy at its best. Just be sure you have excellent internet connection to benefit from Freephonenum.com. Also, it can be used for personal purpose such as temporary SMS number Facebook verification.

4.      Voxnumbers

Get a free temporary phone number from Voxnumbers. When it comes to virtual phone number, this is another popular website that is worth your thought. You can easily get and customize the number then use it for any services, so you don’t need to buy temporary phone number.

To support your work with Voxnumbers, simply pick a new temporary phone number. You can choose either local or international number of your choice. The forward your calls to the phone number or voicemail that you choose. When your customers call to the number, they will be connected to the virtual number.

More features for call forwarding are also available. To enhance your customers’ experience, customize the greeting which initially answers the incoming calls. Fortunately, Voxnumbers is available at affordable price. It starts from $1.95 per month.

5.      Nexmo

Nexmo is another popular alternative for seamless communication to expand your business or simply get temporary phone number for Gmail verification. Nexmo.com handles not only voice calls but also messaging and authentication. The voice calls feature enhances interaction with customers, which is highly important for a business. Meanwhile, messaging feature enables you to send and receive messages.

Another versatile feature offered by Nexmo is authentication that ensures customer privacy and security. It helps you create a temporary phone number free as well as verification to create seamless login. The temporary phone number can be used by customers to connect with you or simply for fun such as temporary SMS number Facebook verification.