Toilet Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning toilet regularly is a perfect way to keep it clean and germ-free. But you can’t clean the same area every day and leave other parts abandoned. If it happens, check out this toilet cleaning checklist.

The toilet cleaning checklist helps you arrange a toilet cleaning schedule. This Iki Sae version will ensure every inch of the toilet, including toilet seat, handle, and even floor is cleaned thoroughly.

toilet cleaning schedule template

Toilet Cleaning Checklist

When cleaning your toilet, be sure to start with the bowl. Then you can move to toilet seat and other parts like water tank and fixtures. Check out the cleaning checklist below to make your chores easier!

1. Scrub Toilet Bowl : Urgent Toilet Cleaning Checklist

Toilet bowl harbors unbelievable amount of bacteria and germs. Moreover when there is mineral deposits, it looks dirty and nasty. Luckily, regular toilet cleaning can address this problem.

Scrubbing toilet bowl should be included in your toilet cleaning schedule template. Not only does it help remove ugly mineral deposits, scrubbing and disinfecting the bowl eliminates germs.

With so many commercial toilet cleaner products, you can choose one that helps efficient cleaning. Using homemade cleaner is also a great idea if you want to ditch hazardous chemicals.

2. Brush Toilet Seat

Once you are done with toilet bowl, move to the seat. Toilet cleaning check sheet should include seat brushing to remove water spots and mineral deposits that turn the appearance of the porcelain.

Just as with the bowl, toilet seat harbors germs and bacteria. It is even worse than the bowl as your skin contacts this area. That’s why regular brushing and disinfecting regularly maintain your health.

When you do this toilet cleaning checklist, use a bristle brush and store-bought bathroom cleaner to work on this part. Rinse with water and disinfect with hydrogen peroxide or commercial disinfectant.

3. Clean Water Tank

Cleaning water tank doesn’t have to be on your daily toilet cleaning schedule but it shouldn’t be missed out. Working on this part is crucial to make sure the water is clean and hygienic.

At least once in a month, remove the upper lid and see if there is mineral buildup. Pour around 4 cup of vinegar into the tank and allow to sit. Flush the toilet to drain the tank and scrub the tank walls.

Next, fill the water tank and flush the toilet to empty. Repeat this process several times until you see a clean tank. Once you’re finished, move to the next toilet cleaning check sheet.

4. Wipe Down Fixtures

Your toilet is not only about the bowl, seat, or water tank. There is also flush handle and spray (if any) and it should be on toilet cleaning checklist. In fact, the flush handle can be dirtier than the bowl.

Due to its size, this small fixture is often missed out. But if you need a thorough cleaning, make sure this chore should be included on the toilet cleaning schedule template.

Wipe down the fixtures using a soft cloth and cleaner. Spray with homemade or commercial disinfectant to remove germs and bacteria. Do the same for spray, only if your toilet has this feature.

5. Scrub the Floor : Routine Toilet Cleaning Checklist

While many homeowners doesn’t include floor on their toilet cleaning checklist, it is necessary to get this area covered. Floors around your toilet must be clean and mildew-free.

This chore can be done once on a daily basis if you have enough time. If not, mop the floor every day and scrub every other day. This is enough to remove dirt, mineral deposits, and mildew.

Grab all-purpose cleaner to bring back its shine. Scrub using a bristle brush but don’t work vigorously as it can damage the grout. Rinse and air dry before using. The floor is now clean and shiny.