Tropical Garden Ideas

No need to travel to Asia and visit the tropical island. Use the most beautiful tropical garden ideas and grow your own tropical garden at home. Resort style garden around your home will make you feel like you’re on holiday, at all times.

How can you start designing a tropical garden? By hiring a landscape designer who is expert in this sector. Or you can learn how to grow this kind of garden at home. Can you imagine how satisfied you’ll be when you can grow a wonderful tropical garden ideas, all by yourself? Here some option from Iki Sae.

tropical garden planting schemes

Tropical Garden Ideas

Tropical gardens are always about creating the contrast. You need to start designing the garden entry and then continue creating the tropical theme around the home. Follow the guide below for more complete details.

1. Layer The Tropical Foliage

Tropical gardens are more identical with foliage instead of flowers. The foliage in your garden must be colorful, lively, and flamboyant. Choose the foliage in different leaves textures, shapes, and sizes. Then plant the foliage in a group of odd numbers, like 3, 5, 7, or nine.

One of the tropical garden planting schemes above will give you a broad brushstroke of texture and color. Placing the plants that have contrast foliage next to the others will create interest and drama. Position the plants that have lime green, purple, pink, orange, yellow, and red leaves close to each other.

2. Use The Tropical Trees to Create Tropical Backyard Ideas

Some tropical trees you must grow in your tropical backyard are bamboo and palms. They may grow too escaping or too big, but both of them will create mood and style in your tropical garden. Also, those trees will provide foliage that rustles in the wind.

Those trees will be perfect with some other tropical garden ideas, such as the dense green walls and fern like ceiling. If you need privacy screening from nature, you absolutely have to apply this idea.

3. Grow Some Edible Plants

Do you love cooking? Then you will love growing Asian spices and herbs in the tropical garden. Those spices and herbs are going to provide wonderful aromas and flavors to your dishes. Besides, those plants have fantastic smell that will perfect your garden while deterring the pests.

Consider completing your tropical garden with herbs like mint, coriander, lemongrass, kaffir lime, and cardamom. Edible zinger or Zingiber officinale will grow beautifully in the spring. You will be able to harvest the herb in April or March. Simply dig up the clumps using spade to harvest the plant.

4. Prepare The Soil Before Making The Tropical Garden Planting Schemes

Your tropical garden will grow healthily and beautifully if the soil is similar to the one in temperate climates. Instead of digging down the soil you can layer your garden soil with leaf mould, compost, mulch, and garden clippings.

Layering the garden soil with leaf mulch will make the garden soil feels like the one in the tropical islands. It helps fertilize your garden soil and prepare it to grow the tropical trees.

5. Maintain The Tropical Garden Ideas You Grow

People who live in the tropics start gardening earlier in the morning, before the humidity and heat builds up. Check out your tropical garden every morning and make sure you prune them while checking the garden. The pruning materials must be composted.

You can return the composted pruning materials to your tropical garden. This step is going to help you maintain the garden’s natural cycle. Don’t forget to feed the garden soil with mulch of organic manure every spring. Spray the entire foliage with some seaweed solution to keep them strong and robust.