Virtual Phone Number

As technology is getting more sophisticated, privacy and security issues are getting bigger. It makes no surprise that people are trying to protect themselves through many ways, one of which is not giving their personal phone number for online verification. As an alternative, free virtual phone number can be used to complete the process. For instance, you can use free virtual numbers for telegram, whatsapp, Google for verification.

Virtual number means a phone number which exists in the cloud. It is a real number which can be used for phone calls, call forwarding, and messaging. Today, internet provides convenience as you can easily find free virtual phone number effortlessly. Check this out and get to know more where to go when you need a virtual number for WhatsApp or other purposes. Here 5 best free virtual phone number.

virtual phone number

Best Free Virtual Phone Number

1.      Numero Esim App : Best Free Virtual Phone Number Application

Get your virtual numbers for telegram with Numero eSIM app. The versatile app that is available for Android and iOS provides you with a handful of features including private number, call forwarding, voicemail, and multiple phone numbers. You can also get mobile and landline as well as social media virtual phone number.

Numero eSIM comes with free roaming that prevents you from overpaying. Cheap international calls make this application suitable for any business, either small or large companies. Today, the app has 80 client countries with no less than 20,000 online followers. The application itself has been downloaded for more than 1 million times.

There are several key aspects that make Numero eSIM worth your thought. Not only does it separate personal from business call, the application lets you make and receive international calls and text messages at low cost. In addition, Numero eSIM also provides private number feature that ensures your privacy. Not to mention you can get virtual number for WhatsApp verification.

2.      Sonetel : Best Free Virtual Phone Number Website

Sonetel has anything you need to engage communication with clients and customers. Whether you need to expand business to another city or country and need a local and free virtual phone number, Sonetel is the right tool you should have. It provides you with virtual phone number that you can show to customers to gain their trust.

Nowadays, Sonetel is present in 239 countries worldwide. For this reason, Sonetel claims itself a communication solution to empower your business. This platform offers not only customer service and chat application but also virtual local phone number as well as Artificial Intelligence. Interestingly, it enables you to get virtual number for WhatsApp verification.

The virtual number enables you to answer or forward incoming calls anywhere worldwide. In addition, Sonetel offers free customer chat that can help increases sales by showing your dedication. You can also buy a virtual phone number for SMS.

3.      SMSPVA

If you are looking for a tool that provides you with virtual phone number for SMS verification, SMSPVA could be it. The automatic service will accept verification through SMS messages to activate your account. Whether you need to create a WhatsApp or telegram account, this service will provide you with virtual number for WhatsApp or other social networks.

Aside from virtual numbers for telegram, the virtual phone number can also be used for business correspondence. If your business needs to get in touch with the customers, it will be much easier to use virtual number. This keeps your personal number private and secure but you can keep connected with the clients or customers for call forwarding feature.

SMSVPA comes with personal API server that support text messaging. If you want to register to social networks such as Tinder, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, MeetMe, simply buy a virtual phone number for SMS from here.

4.      Proovl

Claiming itself as SMS solution for everyone, Proovl is among the best recommendation platform to buy a virtual phone number for SMS. Sending and receiving SMS messages have never been this easy! Offering plenty of features, Proovl seems a good choice that you are looking for, even if you simply need virtual number for WhatsApp.

Among the key features of Proovl are web SMS, SMS API, and SMS numbers. You will also get virtual number for WhatsApp verification or other purposes. It also enables you to get virtual and real mobile numbers aside from temporary and long term numbers.

If you are running a business and need to send bulk SMS messages to customers or clients, Proovl can do the job. With dedicated inbox and outbox, sending and receiving messages becomes a lot easier.


Siptel is another free virtual phone number provider that you can trust. Not only can you get virtual number, this platform allows you to enjoy other services such as internet phone, SIP phone, business VOIP plan, cloud phone, and many others. In short, Siptel is a VOIP solution both for local and international.

There are key aspects that make Siptel worth considering. This platform offers cloud-based setup and no wiring is required. You don’t need to install anything, providing you with practicality of use. Simply connect with internet and you are ready feel the engaging experience with virtual phone number.