Bedroom Office Ideas

Some of us have a bedroom office combo where working and sleeping can be done in the same room. If you also own the same space, you’ll need the best bedroom office ideas. When a room gets 2 different functions, it will shrink and you’ll feel your room gets smaller and narrower.

This will stress you out, especially if you need lots of space to work and a cozy space to get rest. By learning how to decorate this unique room, you’ll know how to make your office organized without bothering the resting spot. Here some bedroom office ideas from Iki Sae.

design bedroom office combo ideas

Bedroom Office Ideas

Luckily, setting up your bedroom office won’t be too complicated. All you need to do is get inspired by these bedroom office combo ideas.

1. Creating an Office Corner is The First of Bedroom Office Ideas

Big bedroom corner can accommodate big sized furniture such as a sofa. But you can replace the sofa with a drafting table. Complete it with an awesome desk lamp that will make your bedroom office look chic. Decide how big your office space will be.

Make sure all working stuff moves around that space and don’t cross to your sleeping space. No need to add a cubicle since it may block your freedom and make your corner office feel smaller. If this corner office has small size, make sure you keep everything organized at the end of your working hours.

2. Replace The Nightstand With An Office Desk

A bed always comes with a nightstand. But it doesn’t mean you must complete your bed with a nightstand, especially if you need enough space to add a working desk. Replace your nightstand with a working desk you love. It will define your mood every morning.

Then complete this office room design with a comfortable wing back chair. Any chair will be fine as long as it can keep you feeling comfortable. Feel free to personalize this bedroom office with any accessories you desire. Your working desk must be space efficient and fun at once.

3. Separating The Office Guest Room Ideas Space With a Translucent Door

Your bedroom needs privacy and your office needs secrecy. The solution will be a translucent door. A translucent door is going to separate both spaces perfectly. Besides, if the windows are only in one space, the translucent door won’t block the sunlight to illuminate both spaces.

4. Apply The Scandinavian Office Room Design

Scandinavian style is identical with minimalism. Everything in the room must have classic style, basic essential furniture, and functionality. Scandinavian furniture for your office and bed space usually is made of natural materials. You will feel comfortable to stay in the room, whether for work or get some rest.

Also, Scandinavian style is one of the amazing office guest room ideas. Furniture made of natural materials and amazing yet minimalist interior will make your guests enjoy their stay and won’t ever need any reason to leave the room.

5. Involve Multipurpose Furniture in The Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

Multipurpose furniture is excellent bedroom office ideas for small bedroom office combo. Sleep station that has a pull out desk for example, will help you get 2 functions from a single piece of furniture. When you’re done working, simply close the laptop and push the table to ‘remove’ the working space.

Or you may want a do-it-yourself shelving you can pull out to create a working desk. At the end of working hours, push the desk to the wall and you’ll get a shelf to display your laptop and other things instead of a messy working desk that makes your cozy bedroom look less comfortable because of the bulky desk.