Kids Bathroom Accessories

Teaching young kids about self-hygiene can give you a headache. If your kids keep refusing to go to the bathroom, attractive kids bathroom accessories can simplify your task.

These kids bathroom accessories are specifically designed to make bath time more fun. Enjoy a better parenting experience with cute kids bathroom accessories ideas from Iki Sae below.

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Kids Bathroom Accessories

From toothbrush holder to shower curtain, there are so many different types of bathroom accessories for kids. Get your kid’s favorite character and see how it changes their habit.

1. Octopus Toothbrush Holder

Teaching kids to brush their teeth can be a real struggle. If your kids love sea animals, try to get this octopus toothbrush holder.

It comes with a cute octopus character that motivates your kids to brush their teeth twice a day. With the ability to handle up to five toothbrushes, it is a perfect choice for your small family.

Get this toothbrush holder along with marine-themed rinse cup and toothpaste dispenser for a complete kids bathroom sets.

2. Cute Hello Kitty Soap Dispenser

Your little girl deserves this cute soap dispenser for an enjoyable bath time. The liquid soap dispenser is designed with Hello Kitty character to complement girl’s bathroom sets.

Just in case you decide to give kids a bar soap, a Hello Kitty soap holder is also available. These kids bathroom accessories feature few holes to keep the soap dry.

3. Silicone Faucet Extender with Duck Character

If you share sink with the kids, a silicone faucet extender is one of kids bathroom sets you should never miss out. This tool allows your kids to access water tap by themselves.

Different types of faucet extender are available on the market. For instance, you may opt for a tap extender with duck character that comes in a duck’s bill shape.

4. Marine Life Shower Kids Bathroom Accessories

A shower curtain is one of essentials in the bathroom, including kid’s bathroom. Allow them to enjoy their bath time with this funny fish kids shower curtain.

There are so many patterns of shower curtain but nothing can represent bath time better than this marine life theme. While taking a shower, your kids can learn more about fish and sea animals.

5. Blue Towel Hanger for Boy’s Bathroom

Aside from kids shower curtain, a towel hanger is one of kids bathroom accessories that should be present in kid’s bathroom. And when it comes to towel hanger, be sure it can attract kid’s attention.

Kids often forget to hang their towel on the hanger or they are just lazy to do it. But when you have this cute, baby blue towel hanger, they will be happy to hang wet towels on a provided place.

6. Turtle Kids Bathroom Rugs Accessories

Kids love to play with water. As water splash can cause slippery floors, you will need to have kids bathroom rugs. This rug is specifically designed to keep the area dry so they won’t get slipped.

The rugs come in various designs, shapes and sizes to fit kid’s bathroom. And if your junior love animals, this turtle bathroom rug can be a perfect option.

Kids bathroom rugs with turtle character makes your kids. They won’t complain or yell when bath time comes. More importantly, it keeps bathroom floor dry and safe for kids.

7. Penguin Bath Sponge

Penguin bath sponge can be a cute companion when your kids are taking a bath. Not only does it motivate the kids rub their body properly, it can also be a nice ornament when not in use.

The bath sponge comes with a holder so your kids can easily hang it dry after each use. Choose a sponge color of kid’s favorite so they will be happy when using this kids bathroom accessories.