Dining Room Lighting

Transforming your dining room can be as simple as installing a new light fixture. Dining room lighting plays a major role in evoking cozy atmosphere so it becomes crucial to find the best lighting idea.

If you are in search of inspiring light fixtures for dining room, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll through and blow your mind with these dining room lighting fixtures ideas by Iki Sae.

dining room light fixtures

Dining Room Lighting

Whether you want to evoke a casual, formal, or classy impression, there is always the right light fixtures to install. Here are light fixtures ideas to upgrade your dining room effortlessly.

1. Crystal Chandelier

Chandeliers are a timeless choice for dining room illumination. There are plenty of designs available, from modern to classic. When it comes to creating a modern and cozy dining room, crystal chandelier will do.

Designed with small sizes, a group of crystal chandeliers provide adorable secondary illumination to the room. It helps achieve your goal to evoke a sense of cozy and friendly at a time.

Additionally, these dining room light fixtures comes with sleek appearance. It can be a great way to create a focal point into the space.

2. Industrial Pendant Light

Your industrial dining room deserves this impressive light fixture. Adopting industrial style, it is made from brass wires that are combined with bulbs to evoke serenity.

This dining room pendant light is ideal to complement the primary lighting. Secure the light fixture to the ceiling and hang it low so that your family can enjoy its beauty.

The good news is that this installation can be used in a neutral space. Don’t worry, it won’t leave a fussy impression.

3. Classic Lantern Dining Room Lighting

Lantern is all you need to create a casual accent in the dining room. This light fixture offers a stylish gesture without making the space look overwhelming.

The lantern is designed like a cage with a set of light bulbs in the center. Whether you have a high or low ceiling, this dining room lighting makes an outstanding remodel.

For a better appeal, try to get an oversized lantern. Just be sure it doesn’t create stuffiness in the dining room.

4. Spherical Paper Pendant Light

Paper light fixtures have been used since decades ago. This dining room pendant light offers a soft and stylish accent, thanks to the simple design.

If you are working on a tight budget, a paper pendant won’t break your bank. Despite the affordable price, it looks more expensive than it actually costs.

The best of all, it comes in various hues that can be suited to your dining room color.

5. Sputnik Hanging Light

Sputnik hanging lights have been around for a while. Many households use this dining room lighting for its skylight glams accent and decorative appearance.

If dining room chandeliers are too much for daily use, this hanging light offers a better alternative. It is somewhere between classy and casual style so it will be an ideal choice to enjoy meals with family.

6. Coastal Style Chandeliers : Modern Dining Room Lighting

Whether you are obsessed with beach or simply adore it, coastal chandeliers can be a perfect option for a dining room upgrade. This light fixture adds a coastal vibe you won’t resist.

The secret behind these dining room chandeliers is shell decorations. The installation combines seashells and bulbs, allowing you to enjoy the breeze while having a good dinner.

7. Shabby Chic Pendant Lights

Are you expecting a shabby chic dining room? This light fixture is worth your consideration. Light bulbs tied up to a rope creates a strong accent of shabby chic style.

This dining room lighting is suitable for a dining room with low ceiling. Combine with unfinished dining table and chair to create a better impression of shabby chic.