Dining Room Remodel

A dining room is the heart of a home. It is where you enjoy tasty with the beloved ones. If you are bored with the current atmosphere, you might need to consider a dining room remodel.

Upgrading your dining room doesn’t have to be bone breaking—even a simple wall repaint will do. If you need a fresh idea, take a closer look at dining room remodel projects below and get inspired from Iki Sae.

remodel combining kitchen and dining room

Dining Room Remodel

There are inexpensive project ideas when it comes to remodeling dining room. From repainting the walls to dining table remodel, here are ways to upgrade your dining room.

1. Repaint the Walls : Simple Dining Room Remodel

Repainting is the simplest, most efficient way to remodel your dining room. Without spending extra effort and budget, this project adds a fresh and different feel to the space.

Embrace a color that matches your dining room style. For instance, try mint green to bring a sense of freshness to a French country dining room or paste orange to energize a farmhouse dining room.

If your dining room is connected to the kitchen, redoing kitchen table will create harmonious elements. Simply repaint the table with a similar color of the dining room.

2. Cover an Area with Rugs

An area rug adds patterns and textures to any given space. It is good news that a project of dining room remodel can be accomplished simply by adding an area rug.

This element offers warm and friendly atmosphere that is essential in a dining room. Allocate your budget to find a cozy, stain-resistant carpet and your project is done.

Surprisingly, carpet also works well to redoing combining kitchen and dining room. Use the carpet to connect both areas and the space is officially merged.

3. Customize Furniture Arrangement

If it is impossible to add new furniture, rearrangement can be a perfect way to upgrade a dining room. It works effectively to give a new feel even with the same furniture pieces.

You can start with the dining table and chairs. Find a new spot so you can feel a different sensation when enjoying the meals. Then move to wall ornaments, console table, and other furniture.

But if you finally decide to merge kitchen and dining room to make it visually larger, place some connecting furniture to remodel combining kitchen and dining room.

4. Dining Table Dining Room Remodel

Remodeling a dining table doesn’t require a high level of woodworking skills. Even repainting the table will provide you with a significant upgrade to the room.

A dining table remodel is among simple ways to enhance visual interest. Whether you choose to refinish or paint the table, try to make it matches other elements.

5. Create a Focal Point

A focal point can be anything. It can be a lighting fixture, wall ornament, or even tabletop decoration. Just be sure it can draw the eyes and attract all the attention.

This dining room remodel is quite simple. For instance, a large spherical pendant over the dining table easily draws the eyes upward. Or, choose a large decorative mirror and install on one side of the wall.

7. Install New Lighting Fixture

If you don’t have enough time for redoing kitchen table, try to get a new lighting fixture. Decorative lighting fixtures such as pendant, chandelier, or flush mount can add visual attraction to the room.

Finding the right light fixtures for dining room can be a tricky. If you wish to bring sophistication into the space, chandeliers make a great option. But if you wish for a practicality, opt for pendant lights.

Installing new light fixtures for dining room remodel is a brilliant way not only to enhance the interior but also add different atmosphere to the room.