Indoor Garden Kitchen

How about adding new life to your kitchen? Indoor garden kitchen can be the best way to achieve this goal. Plant some herbs and enjoy not only fresh atmosphere but also tasty dish every day.

There is a wide range of herbs to grow indoor, from parsley to thyme. No matter your herb preferences, there are various planter and indoor garden kitchen ideas to keep in mind. Here some choices from Iki Sae.

indoor kitchen herb garden

Indoor Garden Kitchen

Most indoor gardens are designed to be space-saving. The planters usually come in a small size so they fit snuggly on the countertop or bay window. Take a look at indoor kitchen herb garden ideas below.

1. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Transform unused mason jars into versatile, space-efficient herb planters. This indoor garden idea is well suited to narrow kitchen, allowing you to grow favorite herbs without eating a lot of space.

While soil can cause mess in the cooking area, a passive hydroponic system offers a savvy solution. Simply fill the mason jars with water and put any kind of indoor herbs of your favorite.

Without the need for purchasing pricey kitchen herb garden kit, mason jar planters create a perfect place to grow herbs like rosemary, dill, and basil.

2. Hanging Herb Planter

If you don’t have much space left, hanging herb planters can be a perfect way to have indoor garden kitchen. It allows you to add new features to the kitchen without using horizontal space.

Hang the planters anywhere depending on the characteristics of the plant. If they tolerate bright light, simply hang near the window.

This indoor kitchen herb garden not only serve as a stylish decoration, but it would especially provide you with fresh herbs every day.

3. Desktop Mini Garden : Simple Indoor Garden Kitchen

Having an ample countertop gives you a lot of benefits. In terms of kitchen garden, it offers a nice and secure place for the planters.

There are many different types of countertop herb garden to choose from. You can transform almost all kitchen stuff into planters, from mason jars to unused teapots. They’ll fit snuggly on the countertop.

4. Upcycled Ladder for Shelving

Some homeowners decide to buy new gardening kits to start their indoor garden. But if you are on a tight budget, explore your creativity and make a DIY kitchen herb garden kit.

Try upcycled ladder shelving so your herb planters have a secure and cozy home. This creative project is quite easy to make, even if your woodworking skills are next to zero.

If you have a small space, no need to worry about it. Resize or cut the ladder so it fits your tiny kitchen.

5. Self-Watering Herb Garden

A self-watering pot is a perfect gardening kit if you don’t have enough time to water the plants. As the name suggests, it promotes a care-free gardening without killing the herbs.

The pot is designed with sophisticated watering system, allowing the water to absorb and keep the soil moist whenever it dries out. Don’t worry about your plants even if you are leaving for vacation.

The best of all, the design of the pot makes it perfect for countertop herb garden. Place it anywhere in the kitchen and grab fresh herbs whenever you need.

7. Wall Pocket Planter : Indoor Garden Kitchen Unique

For a low-key indoor garden kitchen, there is a wall pocket planter that allows you to grow herbs and indoor plants on the walls. Pick herbs of your favorite and let them grow happily on the kitchen wall.

Whenever you are looking for a unique planter, wall pocket could be the best option. Just as with any other planters, it can be reused after you are done with a plant.

If you want to start a kitchen garden but wish to keep the counter clean, this gardening idea is surely for you.