Kitchen Plant

Herbs like dill, rosemary, and basil are considered the best kitchen plant. They are not only adorable but also offer a fresh taste to your dishes. Plus these herbs are also easy to grow indoors.

However, plants for kitchen are not limited to herbs. There are so many different types of indoor plants, even if they are not edible. Scroll through and find more about best kitchen plant from Iki Sae.

kitchen garden plants

Kitchen Plant

Your kitchen deserves a touch of greenery. With a stressful activity in the area, plants offer calming effects to relieve your mind. Here are the best plants to surround yourself in the kitchen.

1. Herbs : Best Kitchen Plant

Kitchen herb garden is a brilliant idea to upgrade your cooking area while providing fresh ingredients. Having fresh herbs on your counter allows you to serve tasty and fresh foods every day.

There are lots of herbs to plant indoor, such as rosemary, parsley, mint, and basil. While rosemary and basil are well suited for a sunny spot, parsley and mind will thrive on the dark section.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a versatile indoor plant that is easy to grow. It is not only adorable in appearance but also helps treat burn injury, something you will get when working in the kitchen.

As a drought-tolerant plant, it doesn’t need frequent watering. Make sure to let the soil dry between watering. Place an aloe vera plant on a spot with bright light to make it grow healthy and happy.

3. English Ivy

If you wish to have kitchen garden plants with lush foliage, English ivy can be the right option. It is ideal for moderate light but it also grows well on a low light area.

This kitchen plant is so hardy that it doesn’t require extra attention—it doesn’t like to be soggy. Plant it in pots or hanging baskets so you can enjoy its fresh and calming sensation.

4. Succulent : Simple Kitchen Plant

Succulent is one of the most widely used kitchen garden plants to decorate your cooking area. Growing this hardy plant can be the best option if you don’t have much time.

Most succulents are drought-tolerant, which mean they don’t like soggy soil. Compared to other plants from cacti family, succulents are small so it works well in your narrow kitchen.

5. Chinese Evergreen

Also known as aglaonema, Chinese evergreen is among the best plants for kitchen. Characterized by long leaves and silvery tinge, it adds a calming feel in the cooking area.

Chinese Evergreen likes low light but it can also grow happily in medium light. Just make sure you keep the soil moist because it is not a drought-tolerant plant.

6. Peace Lily

Peace lily is well suited to every room in your house, including kitchen. This plant has green leaves with adorable white flowers to embellish the space and relax your mind at a time.

As a favorite kitchen plant that grows well in bright light, it is ideal for decorating your bay windows. If you are looking for a care-free plant, peace lily can be a great option.

7. ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, referred to as ZZ plant for short, can be a great complement to your kitchen herb garden. The hardy plant is characterized by hard, upright foliage that looks gorgeous.

If you don’t have many spots with bright light, ZZ plant tolerates the darkest section. Since it does not like to be soggy, water only when the top layer of soil is dry.

8. Air Plant

How about having a plant that grows without soil? Air plant is a unique, care-free indoor plant that grows well without soil.

Simply place it in a hanging pot or glass globe to add a decorative touch into the space. Mist the kitchen plant occasionally to keep the foliage fresh.