Kitchen Sink without Window

Having a window over the sink is a blessing. But what if you have a kitchen sink without window? Don’t worry. There are ingenious ideas to trick this situation and upgrade the cleanup and food prep space.

No-window kitchen should not ruin your mood to prepare good meals for the beloved ones. Keep scrolling and find inspiration from Iki Sae to decorate your kitchen sink without window.

ideas for above kitchen sink with no window

Kitchen Sink without Window

A number of ways can be opted to upgrade your kitchen even if it does come with a window. From adding lighting to using decorative backsplash, here is how to create your sink an attractive spot.

1. Light up the Space

One of the main functions of a window over the sink is to bounce light to the sink area. For this reason, try to get some light fixtures to replace the function of the window.

Besides providing lighting over kitchen no window, these light fixtures add a dramatic effect to your cooking area. A little goes a long way, this trick can be a perfect way to upgrade the kitchen.

How to light up the space? Install some LED stripes under the cabinet. For the best effect of secondary illumination, the stripes should go along the cabinet.

What if you don’t have a cabinet over the sink? Get a wall scone and it is more than enough to provide lighting over kitchen sink no window.

2. Mirror : Kitchen Sink without Window Look Bigger

Hanging a mirror is another trick to upgrade kitchen sink without window. A mirror has always been the best replacement for a window since it can bounce light and create a visually larger effect.

Mirrors with any style will do to achieve this goal. But if you wish to add a decorative touch, try to get an artsy mirror with decorative frames or unique shape.

Size always matters. A bigger mirror is better make your kitchen appear bigger. Not to mention it transforms the kitchen sink without window into an attractive spot to work.

3. Plants : Subtitute Garden Kitchen Sink without Window

If you are not able to look out a real window, it will be a great idea to bring the outside view inside. Get some plants over the sink and see how it brings a calming and relaxing sense to the space.

There are so many different indoor plants to take into consideration. For practical and decoration standpoint, opt for rosemary, basil, and other herbs of your favorite.

To stick with space-efficient principle, simply hang the pots over the sink. It can be brilliant ideas for above kitchen sink with no window.

4. Opt for Open Shelving

Open shelving can be a new statement over a kitchen without window. This shelving idea provides not only extra storage for kitchen utensils but also one-of-a-kind wall ornament.

To achieve the second goal, load the shelving with clear glassware, white dishes, or greenery. They work well to create a bigger visual effect to the room.

Among many ideas for above kitchen sink with no window, open shelving is the most space-efficient. It helps resolve your small space and no-window problems at a time.

5. Try Decorative Backsplash

The last but not least, getting a decorative backsplash can be a perfect way to enhance your kitchen sink. Adding pattern and texture will create a visual interest to the space.

Plenty of ideas are available to upgrade the backsplash. If your kitchen is lacking natural light, opt for a glossy tile. This feature will bounce light around the space, thus making the room look bigger.

But if you room gets enough light from the other side, vinyl wall stickers can be a nice option. A fun backsplash for kitchen sink without window is a perfect way to improve the cooking area.