Laundry Room Sink Ideas

Laundry room should never be a boring room. It is essential to redecorate your laundry room with the best laundry room sink ideas so that you’ll love spending your time in there and doing the cleaning. There are hundreds of sinks you will find out there. How do you know which one is the best option?

Sinks for the laundry room can be made of various materials such as stainless steel, fine fireclay, and organic fireclay. The size also varies so you can choose a small laundry room sink ideas for the smaller room and huge sink if you have an extra spacious laundry room. Here some ideas from Iki Sae.

small Farmhouse sink laundry room

Laundry Room Sink Ideas

All you have to do is choose the right small laundry room sink and the contractor will cut your cabinets and countertops to get the sink properly installed. Check out some best sinks for your laundry room below.

1. Stainless Steel Sinks for Small Laundry Room

The size of this laundry room sink is just 30 inches. You can use this one to decorate your farmhouse style laundry room. When choosing a stainless steel farmhouse sink laundry room, make sure you consider the features and accessories it has.

There is a sink with some excellent accessories such as soundproofing, drain add on system that is nice, and bowl design that is spacious. Find one that is extremely laundry space friendly. And make sure the sink is durable to help you clean the muddy shoes.

2. Organic Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Laundry Room

If you want something simple with minimalist design, the material mixture with organic fireclay is the right option. It is resistant to scratches and heavy as well. Some organic fireclay sinks are completed with a grid inside the bowl that will protect the interior of the sink from any damage.

Find organic fireclay laundry room sink ideas that have a completely flat front side. This kind of laundry room sink will fit the cabinet system if you have some cabinets in the laundry room.

3. Fine Fireclay Small Laundry Room Sink Ideas

There are laundry room sinks made of fine fireclay that are just 30 inches with rectangle shape and protective glaze feature. The price is lower but it doesn’t have the drain system and protective grid like the previous option.

Unlike the previous fireclay sink, this one has a front panel that is more curved. You will love this one to do some jobs like quick rinse off as well as draining the dirt or dust. It has a plain white color that will look awesome in your laundry room.

4. Elegant Black Stainless Steel Small Laundry Room Sink Ideas

Many black stainless steel sinks come with various features like the sound protected material, surface that is scratch resistant, fast draining design, and front panel that is thick exposed. This sink design is the best option for your high traffic laundry room.

The thick steel layer in front of the sink won’t affect the weight of this sink. You can let your kids around the laundry room since this sink is durable and won’t be scratched easily.

5. Rules

When looking for a sink to complete your laundry room, there are rules you must always follow. The depth of sink is much more important than the width of the sink. If you want a sink that has better functionality, opt for a sink that is made of stainless steel.

But if you want a laundry room sink that will make your laundry room interior look more aesthetic, pick one that is made of fireclay. Always consider the plumbing system, cabinet, and countertop before you decide to buy any laundry room sink.