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There are many ways to grow a business, one of which is building a good communication with customers. You can choose either sending SMS or place a voice call. Sending free bulk SMS to notify your customers is an effective mobile marketing nowadays, so you need to find the right tool to help you. It is necessary to find one that can accommodate your needs.

Luckily, you have come to the right place. We have shortlisted a number of tools—app and websites—that can help you send free bulk SMS effortlessly. The recommended app and websites below are worth considering and offer plenty of features for your convenience. Here 5 best application and website free bulk sms services.

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5 Free Bulk SMS Service

1.      Cloud SIM App : Best Free Bulk SMS Application

Cloud SIM app offers additional phone numbers that enable you to place calls and send free bulk SMS. No extra SIM is needed so you don’t need to put your personal phone number at risk. When using this application, you will need internet connection either via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Consequently, you can enjoy online calls and chats for free.

Cloud SIM app comes with plenty of features. Aside from its simplicity, this application lets you make cheap calls and send bulk SMS. Not only can you make and receive calls and messages, Cloud SIM also allows you to customize the profile.

There is nothing to worry about communication security. This bulk SMS service features app-to-app encrypted call that ensures the security of your information. Before enjoying all the features, be sure to validate your account using mobile phone number.

2.      Nexmo.com : Best Free Bulk SMS Website

Give your customers engaging experience with Nexmo. This website is specifically designed for business, especially growing enterprises or startups that need to build excellent communication with their customers. Nexmo uses global platform as well as API that supports its services.

Through this bulk SMS service, you can benefit its three main aspects of communications including voice calls, messaging, and authentication. Nexmo supports high quality voice application combined with sophisticated technology to make and receive calls directly from the cloud.

In addition, the cheapest bulk SMS service also supports SMS API that helps you send bulk SMS. Meanwhile, authentication is built to enhance security and privacy for customers. The last but not least, it can provide virtual phone numbers for phone calls and text messages. Now sending bulk SMS and customer notification is really simple.

3.      Karix

Karix is a marketing platform that you can count on as it lets you send bulk SMS. If you need a high quality marketing automation platform, Karix can be a great choice to go. This platform is backed by sophisticated technology combined with powerful analytic engine to provide real-time insights.

When it comes to available services and features, Karix has plenty of it. This platform provides bulk SMS sending service that enables you to send transactional alerts which are very important for banking industry. In addition to transactional alerts, Karix provides user verification which ensures OTP SMS are delivered on time.

In a framework of mobile marketing, Karix also provides a feature that enables you send promotional emails. You can send out schedule and campaigns through this platform. Not to mention it helps you connect with the customers through a variety of channels such as messages, voice calls, email, and even WhatsApp.

4.      Messente.com

If your company should send bulk SMS and PIN codes to customers around the globe, you can rely on Messente.com. This is a versatile platform with a lot of functionalities to ensure your customers get engaging experience. With a simple signup and login, you can get started for free.

This bulk SMS service features SMS API that allows you to notify customers through SMS messages. If you need to confirm transaction, this platform can help send ticket information, purchase receipts, as well as order confirmation. All is sent via SMS messages for easier and practical communication.

To ensure security and privacy, this bulk SMS sending service provider also features two-factor authentication that enables you to send passwords and SMS PIN codes. In case you need to verify phone numbers or confirm accounts, Messente has the right feature for you. In addition, the cheapest bulk SMS service also features fraud prevention with industry-standard algorithm.

5.      Odoo.com

Odoo offers a wide array of applications that will help you send bulk SMS to customers or clients. Whether you have a small or large companies, this bulk SMS sending service just fits you best. They provide you with the right applications to accommodate your needs, in this case is sending messages.

SMS Framework is a module that enables you to send and receive SMS messages through multiple SMS gateways. This cheapest bulk SMS service comes with simple user interface for easier use. You can keep the SMS history as well as customize SMS template for more engaging experience.

Clicksend SMS Gateway is another modul by Odoo that allows you to send bulk SMS. This module can be used to send SMS notification to your customers. You can easily send free bulk SMS, either single or group text messages and at the same time track their status.